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February 28 - Talking about forest fires with kids

During February, employees of the Polistovsky Reserve have conducted 12 classes about forest fires.

The classes were attended by grade school students from Loknyansky and Bezhanitsky districts.

Within classes, children were told about what kinds of fires exist and what could cause them.
An important part of each lesson was a discussion of the actions that each person can take to prevent a forest fire.
In the classroom, students actively participated in discussions about forest fires. So students discussed the effects of forest fires, its impact on the atmosphere, on animals and on plants.

Particular attention was paid to the rules of behavior in the forest and the rules of conduct during or near a forest fire. In a playful and debatable form, children were finding the right answers regarding safety in the forest and on fire, and responsible actions in nature.

Also, Green Peace animated films about natural fires were shown to children. After that children plaid the game “Get Out of the Fire”, which helped to fix the rules for safe behavior in a fire.
Lessons are completed with the dissemination of fire safety leaflets.

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