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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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June 06 - World Environment Day with the Polistovsky Reserve

World Environment Day with the Polistovsky Reserve

A meeting devoted to the Polistovsky Reserve was held at the Semevsky Central City Library.

June 5th is World Environment Day, as well as Ecologist Day in Russia. This date is a wonderful occasion to tell not only about protected nature areas, but also about people who serve in field of nature conservation. This is the topic that became the key at the last event.

The participants of the meeting were students of 2-4 grades of the schools of the city of Velikie Luki. The guys learned about why the Polistovsky Reserve was created, why protecting the peatbog is important and for which living creatures it is the only possible home. The children also got acquainted with the world of unusual professions: what the ornithologist does, who studies the swamp, what it means to be a state inspector, who and why writes articles about the reserve - these and many other questions the children received answers from Svetlana Nikitina, specialist of environmental education and tourism.
The result of the meeting was an environmental quiz, where participants were able to consolidate the knowledge they had just received and get memorable protected souvenirs.

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