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May 22 - The results of the contest “Polistovsky reserve, you have an anniversary!”

The results of the contest “Polistovsky reserve, you have an anniversary!”
A series of jubilee events continued to sum up the results of the competition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Polistovsky Reserve.

During spring, everyone could congratulate the reserve on the upcoming birthday by sending a self-made postcard, poster or video. In total, 150 works took part in the competition. The authors have tried to interpretate their knowledge of the protected area and send birthday wishes using a variety of forms and techniques.

It is always a pleasure to receive gifts, and the jury was pleased to get acquainted with the contest works, the heroes of which were the inhabitants of the Polistov’e, the peat bog in general, and the staff of the reserve. The choice was very difficult, but, nevertheless, the results of the competition were summed up.

Nomination "Congratulatory poster"
Category for kindergartens "Family".
1st place - Andrei Smirnov, Kindergarten №16, Pskov
2nd place - Vsevolod Sergeev, MBDOU "Bezhanitsky kindergarten" Firefly "
3rd place - Elizaveta Egorova, MBDOU "Kindergarten № 40" Streamlet ", Pskov

Category for schoolchildren
1st place - Alexandra Gerasimova, Borkovskaya School, Velikoliaksky District
2nd place - Daria Ovsova, MBOU "Secondary School No. 23", Pskov
3rd place - Anna Klimenkova, MOU "Porechensk Secondary School", Velikoluksky District

In the nomination “Congratulatory video” the winner was not determined, but all participants will receive memorable prizes.

We thank everyone for participating in the competition, as well as wishes and congratulations sent to the reserve!

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