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May 21 - We celebrate anniversary!

We celebrate anniversary!

A holiday dedicated to the upcoming 25-th anniversary of the Polistovsky Reserve was held in the shopping center “Apelsin” in Velikie Luki.

The Polistovsky reserve will celebrate its birthday on May 25, but the anniversary events have begun now and will continue throughout the year. One of them was a holiday held on May 19 in the “Apelsin” shopping center.

For several hours guests of the shopping center could take part in environmental games, creative workshops, as well as poetic action and prize draw.

Poems and songs about nature and love for the native land sounded from the stage. There were the participants of the “Green Microphone” campaign. The action is popular and loved among the inhabitants of the city, but on this day every sounded poem was a gift to the reserve, hero of the day.

Near the stage there is grounds for creative workshop. Under the guidance of the craftswomen from Bezhanitsy, everyone could make a souvenir: a colorful bird or a mischievous frog. At the game tables one could test his knowledge of the world of the peat bog, its inhabitants, and also learn more about the reserve system of our country and try to understand the tasks facing the reserves. The result of the event was the drawing of souvenirs from the Polistovsky Reserve.

For assistance in organizing and conducting the holiday, we thank the administration of the “Apelsin” Shopping Center, the Velikie Luki Central Library, Vera Borisovna Maksimova, Vera Parfyonovna Petrova, Anna Alekseeva and all volunteers.

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