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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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May 16 - School Volunteers

Pupils of the Loknyansky comprehensive school took part in a volunteer trip to the Polistovsky Reserve.

On May 14, pupils of the 8th grade took part in the landscaping works at the cordon of the Reserve in the Gogolevo village. The guys helped to remove material debris at the territory of cordon, as well as put the harvested firewood in neat woodpiles. In two hours of team work, all planned activities were completed.

The action ended with a tea drinking, visiting the museum of village life and an overview of the history of the village. It is planned that the guys will return to Gogolevo to help with cleaning the remaining firewood, as well as to visit one of the ecological routes of the reserve.

We thank the school administration and the group leader Rodicheva Galina Nikolaevna for assistance in organizing volunteer trip.

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