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February 26 - Beaver accountings in the raised bog

Beaver countings have been held in the raised bog of Polistovsky Reserve

поваленные бобрами деревья, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Игорь Иванов

Last week, employees of Polistovsky Reserve together with the PhD, zoologist Nikolay Korablev, first conducted beaver accountings in the bog. This work continued last year's surveys, which took place in October in the Reserve's buffer zone.

Specialists made two trips to the Reserve, during which 5 intra-bog lakes were inspected: Russkoe, Kokorevskoe, Mezhnitskoe, Krugloe and Dolgoe, as well as the Nesvino and Ratcha tracts. The accountants moved by snowmobiles, all water bodies were passed along the coast, were they were fixing the traces of animals using a GPS-navigator.

осмотр хатки, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Игорь Иванов

In course of the work, beavers' presence was defined on the shores of Mezhnitskoe, Russkoe, and Krugloe Lakes. Residential huts met in Ratcha area, on lake Krugloe and on the banks of the Porus river, visible bites and other traces of animals were everywhere around. At the headwaters of the Porus, the beavers themselves were also seen feeding on water-lily.

The time for the survey was chosen at the end of winter because with the onset of thaws and snow melting it's easier to estimate the size of the huts, to record all the traces of the beavers and to find the boundaries of residential settlements.

определение размера хатки, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Игорь Иванов

The beavers were counted in the raised bogs of Polistovsky Reserve for the first time. Previously, employees of the protected area were aware that beavers inhabit this area, but no special studies have been conducted. During 2019, it's planned to continue the accountings, and to compile a map of the beaver settling in Polistovsky.

учет бобра, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Игорь Иванов

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