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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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February 19 - Polistovsky Reserve photo exhibitions are opened in Pskov and Velikie Luki

Polistovsky Reserve photo exhibitions are opened in Pskov and Velikie Luki

фотовыставка Полистовского заповедника в ПсковГУ, фото: Ксения Антонова

Photo exhibitions of Polistovsky Reserve are opened in Pskov and Velikie Luki. In Pskov, you can observe beauty of nature in Pskov State University and at "Pobeda" cinema. In Velikie Luki, exhibitions are held at the "Planeta" mall and at the Children's Art School named after A.A. Bolshakov.

New photo exhibition "The world of raised bog" is opened at the cinema "Pobeda", it tells about the features of this amazing ecosystem. Part of the photos presented at the exhibition was made in the Reserve by photographers-volunteers during 2018.

фотовыставка Полистовского заповедника в кинотеатре «Победа», фото: Елена Перова

A photo exhibition with picturesque natural images from various protected areas of our country - national parks and reserves - is locatd at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Medical and Psychological Education of Pskov State University. Theese photo exhibitions will stay in Pskov for a month.

фотовыставка Полистовского заповедника

In Velikiy Luki, a photo exhibition is first opened at "Planeta" mall, there is an exposition that not only shows the wild nature of Polistovsky, but also tells about work on its conservation. The exhibition is located next to the entrance to the CityTime cafe, and will stay there for three weeks. In the children's art school there is an exhibition "Winter", it will delight students of the school during the month.

фотовыставка Полистовского заповедника

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