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February 6 - XI ecological feast dedicated to the World Wetlands Day

XI ecological feast dedicated to the World Wetlands Day

XI ecological feast dedicated to the World Wetlands Day was held in Bezhanitsy on the 1st of February. Every year, the event is organized by Polistovsky and Rdeysky Reserves, for which this topic is particularly relevant - these protected areas together protect one of the largest raised bog systems in Europe, Polistovo-Lovatskaya.

Almost half a century ago, on the 2nd of February, 1971, the Ramsar Convention - an international agreement aimed at the conservation of wetlands throughout the world - was signed. Every year various events are organized on this day to draw people's attention to the vulnerability of wetlands, their importance for conservation of biological diversity on the Earth and human well-being.

The ecological feast in the settlement of Bezhanitsy brought together nature lovers and conservationists from Pskov and Novgorod regions. There were teams from Novgorod the Great, Pskov, Podberezye, Poddorye and Bezhanitsy among them.

The event began with a the game program prepared by "Bezhanitsky District Cultural Center". Together with the fabulous heroes, the children traveled to the magical forest, where they could get acquainted with each other and tune in to the upcoming work.

Some of the participants have repeatedly took part in the conference dedicated to the World Wetlands Day, for someone it eas the first experience. Projects were presented in three nominations: environmental activities, environmental education and educational research.

The creative workshop on making traditional magpie pupae prepared by a club "Soul", as well as awarding memorable prizes and gifts, became a pleasant completion of the event.

The conference was held in a friendly and creative atmosphere. Thanks to eveyone for participating!


Conference winners

Section "Environmental activities":

I prize - "Non-traditional forms of mass environmental education activities", "Clean Pskov" squad, Piskovskaya school, Pskov. 

Section "Environmental education":

I prize - "Organization of ecological excursions: quest-excursion "Mysteries of the old park", "Owls" squad, school №17, Novgorod the Great.

I prize - "Sociological survey of Poddorsky district residents dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Rdeysky Reserve", "Origins" squadInter-settlement Poddorskaya centralized library system.

Section "Educational research":

I prize - "Assessment of the ecological condition of the landscape of "Red Field" area, and possibilities of park creation", "Pathfinder" squad, school №26, Novgorod the Great.

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