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January 16 - Nature calendar: a “deep winter” has begun in Polistovsky Reserve

Nature calendar: a “deep winter” has begun in Polistovsky Reserve

«глубокая зима», Полистовский заповедник, фото: Ольга Кудрина

Half of the calendar winter is over, and nature continues to delight the residents of Polistovsky with snowy and not too cold weather. According to phenological criteria, after the Christmas frosts long “pre-wintersub-season was finally replaced by the next one - “deep winter”.

”Deep winter” is a phenological sub-season characterized by strong, steady frosts (below -10°C). At this time water reservoirs are covered with ice, the sky becomes clear a little more often. This year, “deep winter” came during the New Year holidays, the coldest day was the 10th of January, when thermometer readings dropped to -19.8°C.

«глубокая зима», Полистовский заповедник, фото: Ольга Кудрина

Following the frosts, there was a thaw; it happened several times this year: at the beginning and in the middle of December, and then at the beginning of January. The highest air temperature was recorded by the meteorological station of Polistovsky Reserve on the 5th of December, when the air warmed up to +2.1°С. According to weather forecasters, the next warming will come tomorrow, the 17th of January.

In general, this winter is mild, there is almost no severe frost, but snowfalls and thaws are quite frequent. If this weather continues, a significant amount of water will be accumulated in the snow cover, and in the spring the rivers and bogs of Polistovsky Reserve will be filled with melt water, which will be very useful after the dry summer of 2018.

следы зверей, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Ольга Кудрина

After the snowfalls on the bog and in the surroundings, lots of traces of the Reserve's inhabitants can be found: most often they belong to moose, foxes, hares, Mustelids. You can find such animal paths and try to identify their owners during winter excursions to Polistovsky Reserve: snowshoe walk or snowmobile route.

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