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December 24 - School children from Velikie Luki acquainted with Polistovsky Reserve

School children from Velikie Luki acquainted with Polistovsky Reserve

встреча в Великолукской центральной городской библиотеке, фото:

On Friday, the 21st of December, school students from the city of Velikie Luki became acquainted with the amazing nature of Polistovsky and the work of the Reserve. Informative meetings were held at the Velikie Luki central city library for students of the school №9 and at school №13.

At the presentations, the children were told about the protected areas system of Russia, different types of protected natural areas and, in more detail, about Polistovsky Reserve. Now they know what the natural functions of the raised bogs are, why this ecosystem should be protected, what rare species live here, and who works in the Reserve in order to preserve the natural values of Polistovsky bogs.

After the presentation, the children watched several videos made in Polistovsky Reserve: a small film about eco-tourism, a video about scientific work and some recordings from photo traps.

Students were particularly interested in the possibility to get acquainted with the bog closer, and are planning to visit an ecological excursion to the Reserve next year.

An information stand of Polistovsky Reserve was also installed at the Velikie Luki central city library, which all visitors will be able to see there.

Photo is provided by the Velikie Luki central city library.

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