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December 20 - We invite you to a workshop "Decorative Christmas Tree"

We invite you to a workshop "Decorative Christmas Tree"

мастер-класс «Декоративная елочка», Полистовский заповедник

On the 23rd of December at 11:00 a workshop “Decorative Christmas Tree” timed to the international campaign “Save the Green spruce”, will be held in the ecological class of Polistovsky Reserve.

Before the workshop a presentation about the tradition of setting up the Christmas tree for the New Year will be held. After that everyone will be able to make a craft in the form of the Christmas tree.

мастер-класс «Декоративная елочка», Полистовский заповедник

Do not forget to bring new year mood with you! All materials for the craft Christmas trees are provided by Polistovsky Reserve. Аdmission is free.

The ecological class of Polistovsky Reserve is located in the building of the House of Children's Art in Bezhanitsy. Entrance from the yard.

экологический класс Полистовского заповедника

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