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December 7 - Polistovsky Reserve photo exhibitions are opened in Pskov

Polistovsky Reserve photo exhibitions are opened in Pskov

фотовыставка Полистовского заповедника в торговом комплексе «ПИК60», фото: Ксения Антонова

Today, on the 7th of December, two photo exhibitions of Polistovsky Reserve opened in Pskov: at the "Pobeda" cinema and at the mall "PIK60". During the month, residents and guests of Pskov city will enjoy the nature of the Reserve.

фотовыставка Полистовского заповедника в кинотеатре «Победа», фото: Ксения Антонова

Visitors of the cinema "Pobeda" can get acquainted with the birds of Polistovsky Reserve. There are more than 20 professional photographs by Andrian Kolotilin, which depicted the typical inhabitants of Polistovsky. There are rare Red Data Book birds among them, that feel comfortable only in the expanses of the raised bogs, far from civilization.

фото: Ксения Антонова

An the mall "PIK60" there is a photo exhibition, telling not only about the nature of Polistovsky Reserve, but also about its protection, research and opportunities for ecological tourism in the Reserve. If you've always wanted to know what the Reserve is and how to visit it - this exhibition is for you. It is located on the 1st floor of the mall near the main entrance.

фото: Ксения Антонова

Both photo exhibitions will stay in Pskov for a month, until the end of the New Year holidays. Welcome!

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