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December 5 - International Volunteer Day: who helped the Reserve in 2018

International Volunteer Day: who helped the Reserve in 2018

Волонтеры-фотографы, август, фото: Ольга Кудрина

Today, on the 5th of December, the International Volunteer Day is celebrated. Polistovsky Reserve congratulate everyone on this holiday and thank all those who helped and helps the protected area.

Участники «Заповедной недели» проводят мастер-классы и игры в п. Бежаницы, фото: Елена Перова

Волонтеры-фотографы, май, фото: Ольга Кудрина

This year, which was declared the Year of the Volunteer in Russia, several volunteer projects in various areas took place in the Reserve. In total, 64 people became Polistovsky volunteers in 2018.

Выезд на болото для проведения инвентаризации внутриболотных островов с участием волонтеров, фото: Виктория Телеганова

Волонтеры AIESEC в д. Гоголево

Volunteers participated in scientific research and monitoring, photography, design, cleaning and landscaping; they also helped the employees of the protected area to carry out a children's ecological hike “Rodnik”, village festivals in Tsevlo and Gogolevo, interactive program on the Reserve's birthday in Bezhanitsy and other events.

Уборка на водном маршруте и кордоне в д. Ручьи, апрель

Детский экологический поход «Родник»

The arrival of AIESEC volunteers — 20 people from 11 countries all over the world — became a particularly striking event of the Year of the Volunteer in Polistovsky! Such a large international group visited the Reserve for the first time.

Участница учета гусеобразных на осеннем пролете, фото: Георгий Ковалев

Polistovsky Reserve staff hope that 2019 will be just as fruitful, and are planning not only needful, but also interesting programs for the next year for those who are not indifferent to the world of wildlife.

День деревни Цевло, мастер-классы

Happy Volunteer Day!

Волонтер-фотограф, октябрь, фото: Ольга Кудрина

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