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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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November 27 - Оpen meeting at Polistovsky eco-class

Оpen meeting at Polistovsky eco-class

экокласс Полистовского заповедника

On Friday, the 30th of November, at 3 pm, an open meeting will be held at the eco-class of Polistovsky Reserve, where we will tell you everything about the eco-class. Everyone are welcome!

  • What is an eco-class?
  • What is it for?
  • What can you learn at the class?
  • When you can come to the eco-class?
  • How to register for classes?
  • Can you come to the eco-class, if you are already (or still) not a school student?

After the presentation, we will play ecological games, where everyone can test their knowledge of wildlife. It will be interesting both for children and adults. See you in the eco-class!

The ecoclass is located in the building of the House of Children's Art in Bezhanitsy settlement, the entrance is in the yard (go through the gate, on the left of the central entrance).

экокласс Полистовского заповедника

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