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November 12 - Photo contest "Feed the birds in winter"

Photo contest "Feed the birds in winter"

фото: Александра Иванова

Today, on the 12th of November, the tit's day is celebrated in Russia. On this day, people are taking care of birds: they set feeders and prepare a feed for the wintering birds.

Polistovsky Reserve invites you to join this wonderful tradition, and also to take part in our contest "Feed the birds in winter".

фото из архива Полистовского заповденика

The terms of participation:
- build a bird feeder and set it in a suitable place;
- take a picture of the birds at the feeder;
- - post your photos in the groups of Polistovsky Reserve on Facebook, or in your Instagram with the hashtag #feedthebirdsinwinter and @polistovsky. (no more than 3 photos from one participant).

фото из архива Полистовского заповденика

The competition is held from the 12th of November to the 1st March. The results will be announced on the 4th of March. The three winners will be selected by the jury of the Reserve staff and will receive a set of Polistovsky souvenirs as a gift.

главный приз конкурса

More details on building feeders can be found on the website of the Russian bird conservation union (in Russian). We recommend to use seeds of cereals, sunflower seeds, salty fat, dried berries, nuts or acorns as feed.

фото из архива Полистовского заповденика

Winter is a difficult time of the year for birds. They need a lot of energy (and therefore food) to keep warm. But it is very difficult to find a sufficient amount of feed in a short winter day under snow and ice. That is why feeders are a real chance to help the birds to survive the cold season.

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