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October 4 - Ten violators have been detained in the Reserve since the beginning of the autumn

Ten violators have been detained in the Reserve since the beginning of the autumn

клюква, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Ольга Кудрина 

Ten environmental violators were revealed in Polistovsky Reserve since the beginning of the autumn. All of them illegally entered the protected area in order to collect cranberries, but were stopped by state inspectors of the Reserve.

Seven cases of illegal stay in the protected area were recorded in the Loknyansky district, three - in Bezhanitsky district, near the village of Tsevlo. Administrative protocols under article 8.39 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation were drawn up on all the violators; collected cranberries were seized from violators in the village of Tsevlo.

замдиректора по охране Н. Корнышев, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Ксения Антонова 

"Autumn is a time of very intensive work of the Reserve's protection department, since it is a cranberry season, and bog villages residents traditionally collect berries in autumn. Berries can be found not only in the Reserve, you can collect them in other places, but some still go exactly to the protected area. This year, the number of violations is lower than in the past. Because the yield of cranberries is low both in the Reserve and outside. But there are some offenders, and we are working: raid activities are carried out constantly and cover all possible ways of entering the Reserve", Nikolay Kornyshev, deputy director of the territory protection, said.

Recall that the presence on the territory of the Reserve without permission and without accompaniment of employees and, especially, the collection of cranberries, is prohibited. An administrative penalty in the amount of 3 to 4 thousand rubles is provided for the violation.

рейд, Полистовский заповедник, рейд: Александр Воронцов 

Cranberries can only be harvested at designated areas in the Reserve's buffer zone - Boltukhino, Yazvy, Usadba and Nesvino - from the 10th of September to the 1st of December. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the rules of responsible nature use: it is allowed to collect no more than 15 kg per person, the use of mechanical tools (“combines”) that traumatize natural vegetation cover is prohibited.

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