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July 13 - A golden eagle nest with a nestling was found in the Reserve

A golden eagle nest with a nestling was found in the Reserve

птенец беркута, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Оскар Сайфуллин

On the 10th of July, employees of Polistovsky Reserve found a golden eagle nest with a nestling in. Expedition to the Reserve was organized specifically to check the long-known nest of this rare bird included in the Red Data Book of Russia.

Upon arrival, it became clear that the old nest used by the birds before is abandoned and clearly uninhabited. However, it soon became clear that the golden eagles had built a new nest just a few dozen meters from the old one, and there is a youngling, almost ready for flying. Not far from the nest, on the bog, several bones of the capercaillie and the skull of the hare pecked with birds were found.

беркут, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Андриан Колотилин

Golden eagles chose the protected area for nesting not accidentally. Despite the fact that the golden eagle is a large and strong bird actively protecting its nesting area from predators and competitors, it does not tolerate the presence of a human. Golden eagles usually do not come into conflict with a human, and in case of disturbance, parents can easily leave a nest with eggs and nestlings, so the places of untouched nature that are not visited by people are very important for them.

The golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) – big and rare (Red Data Book of Russia) bird of prey, belonging to the genus of true eagles (Aquila) of the family of AccipitridaeThe golden eagle is the biggest representative of the genus, the wingspan can exceed 2 meters, and weigh is up to 6 kilos (for females; males, like other predatory birds, is much smaller). A wide variety of animals can be eagle's prey: from small rodents to hares, wood grouse and even deer cubs.

птенец беркута, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Оскар Сайфуллин

The Golden Eagle is generally a sedentary bird, even in winter they usually do not fly away from their nesting site. The golden eagle's nest, like many other large birds, is used for many years and can even pass from parents to children. Usually these eagles lay two eggs, but only one can grow, so that a stronger and older chick kills the younger and weaker, and the parents do not interfere.

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