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July 9 - Polistovsky Reserve at "River Velikaya" festival in Opochka town

Polistovsky Reserve at "River Velikaya" festival in Opochka town

фестиваль «Река Великая» в Опочке, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Маргарита Морозова

On the 6th of June representatives of Polistovsky Reserve spoke at the festival "River Velikaya" in Opochka. They told about the cooperation of the Reserve with local community and development of cognitive tourism in Polistovsky area, which combines natural and historical and cultural components.

Presentation of Polistovsky Reserve was made within the framework of the round table "Traditional Festive Culture of the Border Territories". Representatives of cultural and educational institutions, creative collectives and associations from Belarus, Latvia and Pskov region also spoke there. The participants exchanged experience in revival of cultural and historical traditions in the border regions, preservation and development of neighborly relations, and solving environmental problems.

Polistovsky Reserve employes told about joint projects with residents of the villages of Tsevlo and Gogolevo. With the support of the Reserve, historical excursions are developed here, Tsevlo village museum of local lore was revived and a new museum of village lifestyle of the twentieth century was created in the village of Gogolevo. There are also master classes on traditional crafts conducted for tourists, and the Reserve's visitors can order traditional villages' food cooked by local residents.

фестиваль «Река Великая» в Опочке, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Маргарита Морозова

All the author's offers of the residents of the bogside villages are combined with the nature excursions of the Reserve, complement them and make the tourists' acquaintance with this bog and bogside area more full, deep and bright.

Other participants of the festival "Velikaya River" presented their projects: creation of folklore groups - children's and adults - performing traditional songs and dances; the revival of fairs with a centuries-old history in the Pushkinsky Gory; event tourism in the Latvian city of Rezekne, creation of a register of intangible heritage in the Pskov region - from local dialects to the history of crafts.

The round table actively discussed the development of event tourism, tamed to traditional national holidays, in Pskov region, Belarus and Latvia. This direction can be developed in Polistovye, where large-scale fairs and wide public festivities were regularly held in the recent past.

The round table was held in the exhibition hall of the Opochka Culture House, where the exhibition "Polistovsky Birds " is exibited. During the breaks between the discussions, the participants of the festival could admire the wonderful images of birds, made by famous wildlife photographer Andrian Kolotilin in Polistovsky Reserve.

фестиваль «Река Великая» в Опочке, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Маргарита Морозова

In addition to the business part, the festival hosted master classes from folk craftsmen, a fair, exhibitions of folk handicrafts, tasting dishes of national cuisine, programs for children, theater performances, excursions, historical reconstructions, sports competitions for the participants of the festival.

The festival was organized by the Administration of Opochetsky district, the Administration of the "Opochka township" and Opochka regional Center of Culture with the support of the Administration of Pskov region.

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