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July 5 - Special offer: free accommodation in the guest house in Gogolevo village

Special offer: free accommodation in the guest house of Polistovsky Reserve in Gogolevo village in July

гостевой дом Полистовского заповедника в деревне Гоголево, фото: Ирина Минина

Polistovsky Reserve launches a special offer for ecotourists. During July, accommodation in the new guest house of Polistovsky Reserve in the village of Gogolevo is free for all the visitors of the nature excursions.

The guest house in Gogolevo was built last year, and awaits guests who will one of the first to test all the possibilities of the tourist sector of Polistovsky Reserve in Locniansky district: ecological routes, a author's tour of the village, local cuisine.

Ecotourism in Loknyansky district

The village of Gogolevo is the starting point of travel to Polistovsky Reserve in the Loknya district. The ecological routes "Mossmen route" and "By the Beaver's path" start from here.

экотропа «Путь моховиков», фото: Надежда Николенко

The forest trail "Mossmen route" is dedicated to the history of the bogside area and the restoration of nature after people left these place, and also here you can see interesting natural objects - a river that turned back, a boulder brought here by a glacier, and rare plants.

экотропа «Дорогою бобра», фото: Ольга Кудрина

"By the Beaver's path" route is dedicated to the lifestyle of these great animals - skilful swimmers and builders, and allows you to see their impressive hydrotechnical constructions in action. Also you can find traces of other Polistovsky inhabitants around the route and listen to the voices of numerous forest birds.

Gogolevo village

Gogolevo is a peaceful and cozy village, which preserved the atmosphere and the hasteless pace of life of the Russian countryside. It keeps a bright history, you can get acquainted with it during a relaxed walk-excursion, developed by the local resident Eugenia Slizkova.

деревня Гоголево, фото: Алексей Бобков

The tour tells about the history of this settlement: from the first mention in the written sources - to the hard military years and the subsequent revival of the village. The walk goes through the old streets passing a re-established church, an olf graveyard fence, a school that was once visited by a lot of students, and even kolkhoz, acting to this day.

музей деревенского быта ХХ века в деревне Гоголево, фото: Алексей Бобков

The excursion ends with a visit to the historical exposition, which demonstrates the life of a village hut of the ХХ century. All the exhibits - from a rushlight and kitchen utensils to a spinning wheel and millstones - were really used in this area and were collected for the museum by the residents of Gogolevo and nearby villages.

The guest house

The comfortable guest house is designed for 20 places, accommodation - from 2 to 4 people in the room. The house has a spacious, fully equipped kitchen, two lavatories and two bathrooms with shower (hot and cold water). A living room is suitable for evening gatherings for tea and other joint events - presentations, seminars (it is possible to provide necessary equipment), a Wi-Fi network is available.

гостевой дом Полистовского заповедника в деревне Гоголево, фото: Ирина Минина

The house has everything necessary for self-cooking, but tourists also have an opportunity to use the services of Gogolevo village locals.Everything is cooked soulfully, according to the village recipes, and predominantly from local, natural products.

блинцы на завтрак, гостевой  дом Полистовского заповедника, фото: Ирина Минина

In addition, the guest house offers free bicycles to ride around the village and its surroundings.

Tour booking by the phone + 7 (81141) 22-391 and e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

экотропа «Путь моховиков», фото: Ольга Кудрина

For a tour booking call:

+7 (81141) 223 91

or contact us by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.