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June 14 - Tourists met a moose calf on the eco-trail "Mossmen route"

Tourists met a moose calf on the eco-trail "Mossmen route"

лосенок, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Борис Ревнов

On the 11th of June, tourists of Polistovsky Reserve met a moose calf during an excursion along the ecological trail "Mossmen route". After a while, a mother-moose returned to the calf, and together they went away, into the protected area.

In the morning on Monday a group of tourists from St. Petersburg went to the "Mossmen route" accompanied by a guide of the Reserve. During one of the stops, the guests noticed some animal in the grass that turned out to be a baby moose. It was very close to the path and did not try to leave, even seeing people.

"The calf laid on the ground and almost did not move, only moved his ears, trying, apparently, to drive away the flies. At first we thought that he was wounded, but there were no visible injuries. Tourists took a few photos, and then we saw a female moose. At first it slowly emerged from behind the trees, and then ran towards us. We immediately left this place," says Ksenia Antonova, a guide at Polistovsky Reserve.

лосенок на экротпропе «Путь моховиков», Полистовский заповедник

The excursion was not conducted this day so as not to disturb the animals. Later the route was visited by the law-enforcement team, moose were gone. Most likely, the calf was born a few days ago next to the route and rested while his mother was feeding nearby. When people came, he lurked, and the mother, seeing that her baby was found, decided to scare off the visitors, and then took the calf to another place.

It is interesting that on the same day, 11th of June, a moose with two calfs was seen by another group of tourists near the eco-trail "Plavnitskoye Bog", but the animals were too far and it was impossible to make photos. On the 14th of June, they were seen near the route again.

Meetings with moose are quite rare, but this spring several case have already been in Polistovsky Reserve. About a month ago, a moose swam across the river Tsevla during the excursion "From the bogs to the ocean"; and at the end of May a young moose was met in the bog during an expedition on studying the population of the black-throated loon.

Apparently, animals feel comfortable in the protected area, and periodic visits to ecological routes do not bother them. Moose trails often pass near the eco-trails of Polistovsky Reserve and cross them; and also moose are frequent heroes of videos from photo traps.

молодой лось, Полистовский заповедник, фото: Оскар Сайфуллин


The moose is the largest representative of the deer family and a typical inhabitant of Polistovsky area, its image is on the logo of the Reserve. It feels comfortable both in the forest and in the bog.

The offspring of moose usually appear in mid-May. Moose brings 1-2 calves. The first day mother-moose and a newborn moose lie, and feeding lying. On the second or third day, young moose stand up and take first steps, and in a week they keep up with their mother. Moose feeds young calves for about 4 months, but in the first weeks of life, moose begin to feed on plants additionally. At birth moose weigh 8-15 kg, during the summer they grow rapidly and by autumn they gain weight up to 130 kg.

Meeting with a moose can be dangerous for a human in the fall, during the rutting period, and in the spring - during offspring birth. In the event of a meeting with a moose in the wild, you need to quietly retreat and try to hide behind trees and bushes. When meeting with a calf, do not feed, touch or try to hold it. Moose-mother, which is probably nearby, can attack a person, feeling a threat to the baby.

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