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June 6 - Contest results: "Ecology through the children's eyes"

The winners of the contest of social advertising "Ecology through the children's eyes"

конкурс социальной рекламы  

Schoolchildren from 27 regions of Russia took part in the social advertising contest "Ecology through the children's eyes", held by Polistovsky Reserve. The children from the Crimea and Murmansk region, from Altai and from Pskov, from Buryatia, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Karelia, Voronezh and many other cities sent works for participation in the contest.

A total of 102 works were submitted for the competition - 56 posters and 46 video clips. The list of winners is given below.

Propaganda poster "Reach out your hand to nature"

Senior group:

I place – Polina Budyachenko, Pskov region, «Belarusian Secondary School».

II place – Alexandra Igolkina, Naro-Fominsk city, Art school «Harmony».

III place – Arseniy Nikolaev, Pskov city, school №24.

Younger group:

place – Anastasiya Dehtyareva – Velikie Luki city, "Children's Art house named after A. Matrosov".

II place – Darya Stepanova, Orenburg region, Totsky school named after A.K. Sterlyuhin.

III place – Nikita Bystrov – Pskov region, Bezhanitsky school.

Video clip "Green Lens"

place – video clip «It's so easy», Doyna Shaptefrats, Christopher Stevens, Polina Smolyaninova, Veronika Sizova, Luga town, Children animation studio "Cartoon by own hands".

II place – video clip "Ecological stories", Igor Storchak, Kluevsky school.

III place – video clip "Forest Special Forces", Dmitry Rufov, Penzensky region, Kozlovsky rural library.

The administration of Polistovsky Reserve thanks the guys for the wonderful works. All participants will receive certificates, and winners will receive diplomas and memorable prizes.


Environmental social advertising - is information on environmental topics, distributed in any advertising form, which is aimed at preventing and eliminating environmental problems, promoting environmental education. Social advertising is not aimed at obtaining material profit.

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