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June 4 - Calendar of nature: "pre-summer" in full swing

Calendar of nature: "pre-summer" in full swing

цветение ириса ложноаирового, Полистовский заповденик, фото: @zaprirodu 

This year the spring in Polistovye came swiftly and lasted for two months only. After the cool April days, May pleased pskov region residents with warm summer weather. And indeed, according to the data of an automatic meteorological station of Polistovsky Reserve, on the 1st of May the air warmed up to +25.9 degrees (Celsius).

вахта трехлистная, Полистовский заповденик, фото: Андриан Колотилин 

The May Day warming was followed by several days of cooling, but it was not long. Since the 13th of May, maximum daily temperatures have steadily passed through +20 degrees, and the average daily temperatures passed through +15 - the meteorological summer came. Thus, the spring lasted just over 2 months - from the 10th of March to the 12th of May.

For comparison, last year meteorological summer came only at the very end of June, and spring stretched for long 3.5 months - from the 14th of February to the 29th of June.

зеленчук зеленый, Полистовский заповденик, фото: Татьяна Новикова 

It is interesting that the onset of phenological summer this year almost coincided with the arrival of the metrological summer. On the 12th of May yellow archangel blossomed in Polistovsky, it's a phenological indicator, signaling the onset of the first summer stage - "pre-summer".

After total "victory" of the summer, natural phenomena continued to happen quickly, one by one. In the second half of May bogbean, lily of the valley and wild strawberry started and finished blossoming in the Reserve; now the cranberry, yellow flag and bog arum are blossoming; water lilies also began to blossom before the usual time.

цветение клюквы болотной, Полистовский заповденик, фото: @zaprirodu 

Most of the birds have already hatched their offspring, now everywhere in Polistovsky you can meet ducks with broods, a young generation of wagtails, thrushes, starlings, swallows, tits and other birds' youth.

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