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April 27 - Participants of the eco-marathon "Paper Boom" collected 9.5 tons of waste paper

Participants of the eco-marathon "Paper Boom" collected 9.5 tons of waste paper


9.5 tons of waste paper were collected in Bezhanitsy settlement by the participants of the eco-marathon "Paper Boom", organized by Polistovsky Reserve with the support of Bezhanitsy consumers’ cooperative. The winners of the marathon have been determined; they will receive gift certificates for visiting Polistovsky Reserve excursions.

Schoolchildren became the most active participants. Pupils of Bezhanitsky school and their parents took part in 3 nominations: "Friends of the Planet" - for school classes, family nomination "Nature Keepers", and "Green School" - for educational institutions .


Pupils of the 3"B" class showed initiative and came to the place of waste paper collection with agitation posters. Also, the most young participants of the marathon - pupils of kindergartens "Svetlyachok" and "Romashka" - attended the event. All visitors recived souvnis from Polistovsky Reserve, and learned a little more about the further fate of the collected waste paper.


Despite the fact that the eco-marathon "Paper Boom" was intended for the residents of Bezhanitsy, Kudeversky and Chikhachevsky schools joined it, they collected 856 and 786 kg of waste paper respectively.


In addition, "Friends of Polistovsky Reserve" from the village of Tsevlo (1370 kg) collected waste paper outside the competition.



Full list of winners of the eco-marathon "Paper Boom":

1.      "Responsible approach" - nomination for organizations

Winner: Bezhanitsky regional center of culture - 205 kg of waste paper. Prize - certificate for visiting an excursion to Polistovsky Reserve.

2.       "Green School" - nomination for educational institutions

Winner: Kudeversky school - 856 kg of waste paper, 54 pupils (15.85 kg / pupil). Prize - certificate for visiting an excursion to Polistovsky Reserve.

Encouraging prizes will be awarded to Chikhachevsky school (786 kg, 89 pupils, 8.83 kg / pupil) and Bezhanitsky school (2,700 kg, 647 pupils, 4.17 kg / pupil).

3.       Friends of the Planet" - nomination for school classes

Winners: the first place was shared by 3"C" (863 kg) and 3"B" (856 kg) classes of Bezhanitsky school. Prizes - certificates for visiting an excursion to Polistovsky Reserve.

Encouraging prize will be awarded to 3"A" class with a result of 625 kg of waste paper.

4.       Family nomination "Nature Keepers"

Winners: the Dranenkovy family - 340 kg of waste paper. Prize - certificate for visiting an excursion to Polistovsky Reserve.

Encouraging prizes will also be awarded to the Popenkovy family (142 kg) and the Nazlukhanovy family (204 kg).

5.       Especially for the youngest participants of the eco-marathon, one more nomination was added - "Young storks".

The winner is the kindergarten "Svetlyachok" with a result of 125 kg. As a prize, it will receive an eco-game from Polistovsky Reserve.

The most active kindergarten middle group "Ryabinka" (101 kg) will receive an encouraging prize - children's encyclopedias about nature.



In the near future, all collected waste paper will be recycled. Money for this waste paper will go to the planting trees at the parks of Bezhanitsy settlement in mid-May. Some of the seedlings will go to Kudever, Chikhachevo and Tsevlo.


Polistovsky Reserve plans to revive the tradition of collecting waste paper in Bezhanitsy and make the eco-marathon "Paper Boom" an annual event. So you can start collecting waste paper for the next marathon right now.


Rationally, paper can be used repeatedly, saving thousands of trees. It is estimated that recycling of one ton of waste paper saves 10 trees, 20 000 liters of water and 1000 kW of electricity and ionized oxygen, sufficient for 30 people. The eco-marathon "Paper Boom" is intended to remind Bezhanitsy residents about the need to take care of natural resources and allows everyone to take part in the preservation of the planet.


The administration of Polistovsky Reserve thanks Bezhanitsy consumers’ cooperative, the students of Bezhanitsky school - Vasil'ev Ivan, Vasil'eva Olga, Petrova Natalia and Petrov Denis, and Maxim Ilyushechkin for help in conducting the eco-marathon "Paper Boom".


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