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April 25 - Joint raid with the representative of the department of fish protection of Pskov region

Joint raid with the representative of the department of fish protection of Pskov region

рыбоохранный рейд, Полистовский заповедник

Last week, state inspectors of Polistovsky Reserve law-enforcemnt team conducted a joint raid with an employee of the Department of state control, supervision and fish protection of Pskov region. Two administrative offenses were revealed.

The raid was held to protect water biological resources during the spring spawning season of fish. The inspection of the water areas of Tsevlo and Polisto lakes, as well as the rivers Polist', Tsevla, Plavnitsa, Osyanka and adjacent canals was conducted to reveal violations of the fishing rules.

рыбоохранный рейд, Полистовский заповедник

Between the villages of Uhoshino and Zaluzhye, the inspectors discovered two boats with passengers using the motor for movement, despite the prohibition of its use during spawning.

During the raid, illegal fishing gear and other violations were not found. All other fishermen observe fishing rules. They were instructed about the rules of behavior on the water.

рыбоохранный рейд, Полистовский заповедник

In May, joint environmental raids of Polistovsky Reserve employees with representatives of the fish protection department of Pskov region, as well as with the police and Bezhanitsky forestry will continue.

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