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April 24 - Polistovsky Reserve at a seminar for teachers of natural sciences

Polistovsky Reserve at a seminar for teachers of natural sciences

Полистовский заповедник на семинаре для учителей естественных наук, Великий Новгород

On the 20th of April, employees of Polistovsky Reserve spoke at a seminar for teachers of natural sciences in Velikiy Novgorod, held under the motto "Let's return practice to school." They told colleagues about their work in the field of environmental education and interpretation and about the opportunities for cooperation.

Specialists of the Reserve made a presentation about co-lessons that are held in the schools of Pskov region during the year, environmental actions and competitions of Polistovsky Reserve; and invited teachers to join these events remotely by conducting the same activities in their educational institutions.

Representatives of the Reserve gave more detailed information about the children's ecological campaign "Rodnik", which is organized in Polistovye annually. Conducting scientific research in the field during the "Rodnik" hike is designed to show children that biology and ecology are very "live" and attractive subjects that can be studied not only through boring texts in schoolbooks.

Some of the seminar participants already took part in the hike "Rodnik" as volunteers, and came to Polistovsky with a small group of their students in the last years. In 2018 the campaign will be held in mid-July, volunteers and participants are still required.

Ecological games by Polistovsky Reserve slightly diversified theoretical part of the seminar. Participants tested cognitive games devoted to animals, plants, the natural phenomenon and interrelations of various elements within the ecosystem. These eco-games and other similar activities are great for holding a class hour or checking and fixing knowledge in the game form at the end of the lesson.

Other participants of the seminar made no less interesting presentations and practical exercises. Colleagues shared information on the nature of Novgorod region and approaches to its studying, on regional ecological activities. Teachers told about what kinds of experiments and workshops can be conducted in the conditions of the school class and demonstrated how interesting and practical can the school activities be if they are developed creatively.

This seminar for teachers of natural sciences is held annually in Veliky Novgorod, teachers exchange experience and develop new methods in school education. The administration of Polistovsky Reserve thanks the organizers for the invitation to the event and looks forward to further cooperation with colleagues from the Novgorod region.

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