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April 19 - Polistovsky Reserve law-enforcement team detained a citizen with a weapon in the buffer zone

Polistovsky Reserve law-enforcement team detained a citizen with a weapon in the buffer zone

охрана территории, Полистовский заповедник

On the 17th of April , during a regular raid, the law-enforcement team of Polistovsky Reserve detained a citizen who was in the Reserve's buffer zone with a hunting weapon. The weapon was withdrawn and transferred to the police, state inspectors drew up a protocol on an administrative offense.

A citizen residing in Moscow Region was detained in the buffer zone of the Reserve around 11 am with an uncovered 12-caliber hunting gun. He did not have permission documents for weapons and hunting. The offender refused to provide any information about himself and was taken to the police department of the Locnyansky district for identification and transfer of the weapons to the police.

 охрана территории, Полистовский заповедник

The use of photo-fixation facilities contributed to the prevention of illegal hunting. A day earlier, the same citizen was captured by one of the photo-traps in the buffer zone of Polistovsky Reserve, in the photographs he also had a weapon. On the 17th of April, special attention was given to this area during the patrolling of the territory, and the offender was detained promptly, without harming the inhabitants of the protected area.

We remind you that any kinds of wildlife use is prohibited in Polistovsky Reserve, as well as visiting unaccompanied by an employee of the Reserve and without the permission of the administration. In the buffer zone, nature use is limited, including amateur and commercial hunting.

Violation of the regime of protected natural areas is punishable by administrative and criminal law. Law-enforcement raids are continued in Polistovsky Reserve and its buffer zone.

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