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April 10 - Fire season is opened

Fire season is opened in Polistovsky Reserve

Полистовский заповедник, тушение возгорания в охранной зоне

Yesterday, on the 9th of April, state inspectors of the law-enforcement team of Polistovsky Reserve detected and extinguished two dry grass fires in the buffer zone of the Reserve in Loknyansky district. Presumably, fires were caused by human's actions, the guilty were not found.

Smoke was noticed by the state inspectors of Polistovsky Reserve about 12 am, they immediately arrived at the site and found first dry grass fire near the ecological route "By the Beaver's Path", and then the second one - near the abandoned village Kondratovo.

State inspectors immediately began to extinguish using shovels and knapsack sprayers, which are constantly kept in the car of the law-enforcement team involved in raid events, since the beginning of the fire season.

Полистовский заповедник, тушение возгорания в охранной зоне

Within two hours the spread of the fire was stopped in both places. Thanks to the rapid response, the fire affected only dry grass on the former farm fields, forest areas were not affected.

As part of Polistovsky Reserve fire prevention campaign, in winter fire safety signs were installed on the roads leading to the potected area. In the beginning of the spring, fire fighting equipment was checked and prepared for operation, and all state inspectors were instructed on the technique of wildfires extinguishing.

Полистовский заповедник, тушение возгорания в охранной зоне

In addition, in April the staff of Polistovsky Reserve conduct fire safety lesons at schools of Bezhanitsky and Locnyansky districts: students learn about the causes and consequences of dry grass and forest fires, learn what to do in case of fire, and put fire-prevention leaflets in their settlements. The design of the leaflets was developed by schoolchildren of Pskov Region in the framework of the children's contest of the fire poster "Save nature from fire" in 2015.

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