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April 4 - "Plavnitskoe bog" is waiting for tourists

"Plavnitskoe bog" is waiting for tourists

экотропа «Плавницкое болото», Полистовский заповедник

Polistovsky Reserve ecological route "Plavnitskoye bog" is ready to receive tourists. This conclusion was made by the staff of the protected area after inspecting the route on the 3rd of April: they estimated the patency of the trail, checked the condition of the decks and cleared the path from the forest debris.

экотропа «Плавницкое болото», Полистовский заповедник

Over the past winter, something has ben changed on the ecoroute "Plavnitskoe bog": the Reserve staff replaced the information stands, and installed an additional decking to bypass a part of the trail occupied by the beavers' hut that appeared here in late 2016.

экотропа «Плавницкое болото», Полистовский заповедник

Now the path has mostly cleared of snow, it remained only in some places which are not warmed up by the spring sun. In these places you can find traces of Polistovsky inhabitants, who walk not only along the bog and forest, but also on the decking. There were traces of raccoon dogs, foxes,  least weasels, moose and, presumably, willow ptarmigans on the route.

экотропа «Плавницкое болото», Полистовский заповедник

For a walk to "Plavnitskoye bog" in April, it is enough to choose waterproof footwear and dress according to the weather. The first tourists plan to visit excursion to the ecotrail in the coming weekend.

экотропа «Плавницкое болото», Полистовский заповедник

In the second half of the month, other "summer" routes of Polistovsky Reserve will be also opened. In Loknyansky district you will be able to visit hiking routes "By the beaver's path" and "Mossmen route", and after the ice melting on the rivers and channels of the raised system, tourists will be able to have a boat trip "From the bog to the ocean".

экотропа «Плавницкое болото», Полистовский заповедник

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