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April 3 - Spring has come to Polistovsky Reserve

Spring has come to Polistovsky Reserve

After the onset of warming, we can presum that the spring has come. Starting from the 10th of March, the maximum air temperatures have steadily passed through 0 degrees towards warming. That means that meteorological spring started in Polistovsky Reserve.

This year meteorological winter lasted for 61 days - from the 8th of January to the 9th of March; maximum air temperatures were sustainably below zero during this period. A noticeable cold snap began on the 11th of December and lasted for three weeks, but the strong warming after the New Year prevented the final onset of winter.

This winter was pretty short, but quite snowy and frosty. The lowest temperature was recorded on Fatherland Defender's Day - February 23rd, when the thermometer reading reached -27.3°C, and the warmest day was oj the 7th of March, in the end of the meteorological winter, the air warmed to +2.3°C.

With the onset of spring Polistovsky Reserve employes observe typical changes in nature: buds are swelling, the surface of the earth is cleared of snow, thawed streams are flowing. Despite the high level of snow cover, its density is low, which means that the water supply is small, so there won't be a strong flood.

In addition, in March migratory birds began to return from warm countries. At different times northern lapwings, swans, rooks, and predators - buzzard, marsh harrier and Red Listed osprey were met in the vicinity of Polistovsky Reserve.

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