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March 28 - Ecological hour "Save early spring flowers" in Bezhanitsy

Ecological hour "Save early spring flowers" in Bezhanitsy

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Ecological hour "Save early spring flowers" will take place at 12:00 on the 30th of March in Bezhanitsy Central District Library named after A.P. Phylosophova. The event will be held in the framework of Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club.

The ecological hour will begin with a presentation on the early-flowering plants of Pskov region, which can be found during a walk in nature, as well as rare species included in the Red List. Then a small film telling why some flowers are resistant to frost will be shown.

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The event will end with an ecological game and a master class during which everyone will be able to make a decorative spring flower. The most active participants of the ecological hour will receive prizes from Polistovsky Reserve.

Ecological hour "Save early spring flowers" will become a closing event of a series of activities dedicated to the protection of the first spring flowers. During March, classes about early-flowering plants were held in 8 schools and kindergartens of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts, as well as in Velikiye Luki.

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The ecological hour is open for members of Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club and all who are interested in nature of Pskov region also. Admission is free.

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