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March 20 - Salty feeder for moose have been renewed in Polistovsky Reserve

Salty feeder for moose have been renewed in Polistovsky Reserve

солонцы, Полистовский заповедник

Yesterday, state inspectors of Polistovsky Reserve renewed one of the salty feeders for ungulates - they enlarged it and replenished the salt reserves. This place is mostly visited by moose, but sometimes other inhabitants of the Reserve also come here.

солонцы, Полистовский заповедник

For the convenience of animals, visiting the salty feeder in groups, the number of trays with salt has been increased from three to eight. Polistovsky Reserve employees placed pieces of special coarse salt, suitable for animals, in each tray. Next to the feeder, they put several wood brooms for ungulates and installed a photo-trap to observe the life of the protected area's inhabitants.

солонцы, Полистовский заповедник

"When we came to the place, there were a lot of traces: moose come here very often and not only one at a time. On the photoes you can see that the tree where the salty feeder is located, is heavily gnawed by animals, sometimes even licked. So we replenished the supplies of salt just in time," said Mikhail Parfenov, the state inspector of Polistovsky Reserve.

солонцы, Полистовский заповедник

Usually salty feedrs are located on the border of the forest and the bog (in the buffer zone of the Reserve) and on the intrabog islands, where the moose feed. Salt helps the animals to replenish the reserves of minerals in the organism, which is especially important in spring, when these eserves are depleted.

солонцы, Полистовский заповедник

Installation of salty feeders is one of the biotechnical measures that are carried out in Polistovsky Reserve. Such measures are necessary to resist the artificial outflow of animals from the Reserve to the surrounding lands, where salty feeders are used for hunting purposes. Thanks to biotechnical measures, animals feel comfortable in a safe protected area and the population remains stable.

солонцы, Полистовский заповедник

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