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November 9 - Guests of the Darwin Museum made gifts for birds

November 4 in cultural institutions of different parts of the country were held in the framework of the All-russian "Arts Night".

By analogy with the already quite popular "Museum Night", this is an evening in which a visit to a gallery, theater or museum is not a strict official event.

November 9 - Vacations in Polistovie. Autumn

From October 28 to November 4, 2017, in the Tsevlo Village Club , the autumn program "Holidays in Polistovie" was held.

That time the guests of the village were the team of the Studio "DA" from St. Petersburg. Since its inception in 2008, the Children's Animation Studio (DA) is engaged in social-oriented work, creating cartoons with children in crisis situations and children with special needs.

October 30 – Field report: Cranberry season in Polistovie.

Golden autumn is a hard time for employees of the protection department of Polistovsky Reserve.

Since September 17, manual collecting of cranberries on certain sites in the conservation zone of the reserve has been officially permited.

October 27 - Results of the Children's Painting Competition

The eco-ethnographic contest of children's drawings "My homeland is rich with kindness" came to an end.

It took place within the framework of the preventive program "The village is rich with kindness". Organizers of the competition were Polistovsky Reserve together with the Village club of Tsevlo.

October 24 - The colors of autumn

Yellow leaves of the birch, orange-red at the maple, pink at the spindle-leaf - all the variety of shades of autumn foliage is caused by three mixed groups of dyes contained in the cells of fading leaves.

Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of plants. This is one of the necessary elements in a chain of chemical reactions that allow plants to "eat" light.

October 20 – Reserved nature corners in schools

Information stands of Polistovsky Reserve appeared in schools of Pskov region.

For example, in schools of Bezhanitsy and Loknya, the staff of the environmental education department of Polistovsky Reserve placed brief information for pupils and teachers about activities, functions, as well as events and competitions held by the reserve.

October 19 – Aware of a bear!

According to the message of Rdeisky Reserve, a bear was seen near the ecotrail.

The ecotrail passes through a bog, so that the employees are ready to meet with a bear in the vicinity of berry-picking places.

October 9 — Travel for help

One of the finalists of the all-Russian photo contest "Travel for help" was a photo taken in Polistovsky Reserve.

Anastasia Onaverina, participant of the volunteer project by Russian Geographic Society, made a photo report about the work of reserve rangers.

September 28 - News of the Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club

Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve in Khakasia.

From September 19 to 23, 2017, the Friends Club of Polistovsky Reserve took part in the International "Friends of Reserved Islands" Meeting . About 300 participants gathered in the Republic of Khakasia, there were schoolchildren and their mentors from more than 20 russian regions. Among the guests of the meeting were teachers and representatives of nature reserves and national parks of Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

September 26 - Polistovsky Reserve participates in the World ecological Action

Schools of the Pskov region join the world action "We clean the world".

Employees of the environmental education department of Polistovsky Reserve throughout September conduct a series of open lessons and events timed to the action "We Clean the World", in schools of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts, and also in Velikiye Luky.

October 3 - The Harvest Festival in Tsevlo village.

September 30 in Tsevlo was a traditional Harvest Festival. Locals took an active part in the preparation.

Within the framework of the celebration, there were an exhibition of vegetables and fruits, flower compositions and ikebana, children's handicrafts and homemade pickles. Specialists of Polistovsky Reserve organized an ecological and educational site for the visitors.

September 22 - The four-bladed stargazer

Rare mushroom was found in the vicinity of Polistovsky Reserve.

At the end of August, a fairly rare mushroom - Geastrum quadrifidum - was found by scientists and inspectors in the territory adjacent to the reserve.

September 22 - Seminar "Modern Trends in Environmental Education"

Polistovsky Reserve announces the beginning of accepting applications for participation in the seminar for specialists in the field of environmental education.

The seminar "Modern trends in environmental education", timed to the Year of Ecology and Specially Protected Natural Territories, will be held November 9-10 on the scientific and technical base of Polistovsky Reserve in Tsevlo village (Bezanitsky district, Pskov region).

September 18 - In Polistovsky Reserve, an eco-ethnographic contest of children's drawings was announced.

In the framework of the preventive program "The village is rich with kindness", Polistovsky Reserve together with the Village club of Tsevlo announces the launch of the contest "My motherland is rich with kindness". All persons at the age from 5 to 18 years are invited to participate.

The main objectives and tasks of the competition are the formation in children and teenagers an interest in studying the history, traditions of their land, as well as the education of patriotism and ecological culture.

To find out more about the position, nominations and requirements, please, follow the link.

The competition will last until October 20, 2017. The results will be published on the website of Polistovsky Reserve no later than November 1, 2017.

September 18 - The fungi inventory in Polistovsky Reserve. Part II.

In early September, a study of the fungi in Polistovsky Reserve was continued, the work was conducted under the guidance of a mycologist from Moscow Evgenia Pravdolubova. That time, two routes were planned in Loknyansky district.

The first route coincides with the ecological path "The way of mosses", excursions on which are available for tourists. Most often, on a route passing through a birch forest, a marsh and an old aspen forest, there were fly agarics, first of all, Amanita rubescens and a poisonous Amanita citrina.

September 13 - Polistovsky Reserve feeds Mordovia with "snowballs"

2000 guests visited the "Spotted Fest" in Mordovsky nature reserve.

August 31 - Fungi research in Polistovsky Reserve

This year mycologists from Moscow initiated the survey of forests in the protected area.

August 29 - The Day of Velikie Luki

Last weekend, employees of the reserve visited a festive event in the framework of the Day of Velikie Luki.

August 24 - Photoexhibition in railway stations

Visitors to the Pskov railway station will be able to "visit" protected lands of Polistovie.

August 22 - Young residents of Gogolevo visited "Beaver trail"

Employees of Polistovsky Reserve met children of Gogolevo with one of ecotrails.

August 21 - Anniversary of Loknya district and countryard games

The reserve with its friends took part in holidays of passing summer.

August 16 - The Reserve takes part in 2 Days of settlement

In the first half of August there are Days of two local settlements - Bezhanitsy and Krasny Luch.

August 14 - "Polistovsky Reserve-2017" half way's passed

Volunteers of the Russian Geographical Society told about the first week in Polistovsky Reserve.

August 10 - Infotour in Polistovsky Reserve

August 8 representatives of the tourist organizations of Pskov got acquainted with the visit-center and excursion programs of Polistovsky Reserve.

August 9 - Scientific experience exchange in Astrakhan

The staff of the scientific department of Polistovsky Reserve took part in the seminar on the exchange of experience for the scientific departments of PAs, organized by Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve.

August 4 - Radiological research in Polistovsky Reserve

During the period from July 24 to July 28, 2017, radiological investigations were carried out on the territory of Polistovsky Reserve. 

July 18 - In touch with nature

Polistovsky Reserve took part in "VK Fest".

July 11 - "Spring" of reserved Polistovie

"Spring-2017" for the third time gathered young naturalists on the shore of Tsevlo lake.

June 30 - Inventory of Polistovie mineral islands

Scientists collected materials describing the bog system of Polistovie.

June 27 - "Vacations in Polistovie": new members of Reserve Friends Club

From 20 to 25 June in Tsevlo village there was another series of activities for children in the framework of the project "Village is rich with kindness".

June 26 - Polistovie attracts animals and ecotourists

State inspectors equipped 2 salt feeders on the territory of Polistovsky Reserve near Gogolevo village.

June 20 - "Vacations in Polistovie" continue

Last week, the children's ecoeducative program "Vacations in Polistovie" hosted master classes on arts and crafts.

June 19 - Meeting in Gogolevo

On June 16, in Gogolevo village a meeting between the residents of and the staff of Polistovsky Reserve took place.

June 14 - Vacations in Polistovie

Since June 5 ecoeducative program for children began on the basis of the Tsevlo Village Club.

June 8 - Hydrological monitoring in Polistovie

Work on hydrological monitoring in Polistovsky Reserve is continuing.

June 7 - Start of the ecological contest "Your land"

Environmental initiatives of residents and guests of Pskov region will be rewarded.

June 6 - The Day of Ecology with Polistovsky Reserve

Polistovsky Reserve congratulated young library visitors on the Day of Ecology.

June 2 - Holiday for young residents of Bezhanitsy

Polistovsky Reserve took part in celebration of International Children's Day in Bezhanitsy.

On June 1 young families of Bezhanitsky district gathered for a holiday in Bezhanitsky park and in the cinema "Kvant". Here was held a solemn ceremony of awarding talented youth, a concert from Children's Art School students, street performances and games.

May 31 - Meteorological results of May

May turned out to be very contrast and unusual, it gave us snow and heat, as well as flowering of long-awaited herbaceous and woody plants.

May, like the previous month, this year turned out to be abnormally cool. All phenological and meteorological phenomena occur with a relative delay. The average monthly temperature in May was 10.1 ° C with a norm for this month 12 ° C. The weather made its adjustments to the plans of Polistovie inhabitants for the May holidays: it was unusual to celebrate May 1st at an average daily temperature of 3.6 ° C, and on May 9 snow completely covered the surface. That day became the coldest day in May: the average daily temperature was only 1.3 ° C. After the holidays, the temperature started to approach its usual annual marks and by the beginning of the third decade of the month reached its maximum: on May 20, the average daily air temperature reached 26.3 ° C, and the average temperature on that day was 17.1 ° C. This year May turned out to be contrast, the temperature amplitude was 16 ° C, which is quite unusual for the last month of spring.

May 29 - Students from Pskov meet Polistovie

From May 15 to 22 a group of PskovSU students had a practice in the territory of Polistovsky Reserve.

Students practice in Polistovsky Reserve annually. On Monday, May 15, a group of 3-year students of bio-ecology from the Pskov State University arrived at the reserve base in Tsevlo village. From May 15 to 22 19 students (the head of practice - the senior teacher of the Department of Botany and Ecology of Plants Mikhalap SG) got acquainted with the work of the reserve both in theory and in field classes.

May 23 - Pskov residents drew portraits of a dorhawk

On May 19 Pskov reserve museum in counteraction with Polistovsky reserve joined the international action "Museum night". From evening until midnight, the doors of the central building of the museum, the picture gallery, the Pogankin Chambers were opened for guests, and some interactive events were held in the open air in the museum yard.

The "Museum Night - 2017" started from the photo exhibition "Polistovsky birds" together with the winners of readers' contest dedicated to the Year of ecology in Russia. The director of the reserve museum, Yuri Kiselev, in his opening remark reminded of the importance to take care of the nature, drawing a parallel with the support of the cultural heritage as an "ecology of the soul".

March 3 - New souvenirs

Dear friends, we have good news for you!

Polistovsky Reserve updated the assortment of souvenirs. It's not all new items of the year, just some of them.

Firstly, we released series of new mugs - they are made in brand colors of the reserve, and each picture is handmade! Here are a charming little swamp predator sundew, pine and inhabitants of the water spaces - waders.

Secondly, a pleasant surprise for those who collects our magnets. We have released several new magnets that would introduce you to the avian inhabitants of the Polistovye.

February 28 - All-Russian nature reserve lessons

All-Russian nature reserve lesson in Pskov region.

Employees of the Department of environmental education and tourism continue to meet schoolchildren of the Pskov region with Russian system of protected areas and Polistovsky state nature reserve.

February 8 - VIII Galkin Readings

Employees of the scientific department of Polistovsky Reserve took part in the VIII Galkina Readings in St. Petersburg.

According to tradition, the Galkina readings are timed to the World Wetlands Day and are held in honor of E.A. Galkina, an outstanding swamp researcher, one of the pioneers in the study of bogs with help of aerial and space photography.

The themes of the VIII Galkin Readings covered a wide range of contemporary studies of bogs. The general attention was paid to the newest methods of marsh systems research: aerial photography, space photography, the use of 3D models in the study of wetlands, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (quadrocopters), the use of georadar profiling, etc. Also publications on the study of marshes with classical "terrestrial" methods were presented. The geography of the bogs was widely presented at the conference: marsh systems were considered from the Kaliningrad region and Belarus to Kamchatka, including the North-West of Russia, Volga region, Central Russia, Southern Ural, Western Siberia.

February 6 - IX scientific and practical conference

On February 3 in Bezhanitsy, there was held the 9th ecological holiday dedicated to the World Wetlands Day.

Traditionally, the festival is being held in the format of a scientific and practical conference and is organized by Polistovsky and Rdeisky Reserves.

Annually, starting from 2007, the event gathers young naturalists from Pskov and Novgorod regions. At the conference, participants share their knowledge and experience in environmental, scientific, research or environmental education activities. On the holiday, the staff of Rdeisky Reserve acquainted the children with the Polistovo-Lovatskaya bog system, the history of its study, unique properties and functions. Elena Perova, deputy director for environmental education and tourism of Polistovsky Reserve, spoke about the world's marshes, as well as the partner of the reserve, Store Mosse National Park, which protects the largest swamp in southern Sweden.

6 февраля - IX научно-практическая конференция, посвящённая Дню водно-болотных угодий

3 февраля в п. Бежаницы состоялся IX экологический праздник, посвящённый Всемирному дню водно-болотных угодий.

Традиционно праздник проводится в формате научно-практической конференции и организуется Полистовским и Рдейским заповедниками.

February 2 - Winter route accounting

The winter route record of the number of mammals in Polistovsky Reserve was completed.

In January, state inspectors of the reserve together with the theriologist Andrey V. Sapogov, an experienced specialist of Central-Siberian biosphere reserve, conducted measures to determine the number of species of mammals and birds in the reserve by the method of winter route accounting.

Such events repeat every year in the guard and reserve zone of two districts: Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky in order to determine the density of population and the number of mammals of Polistovsky Reserve. This year, at the time of accounting, the weather was good, and practically nothing prevented to pass routes, some of which lies in the swampy terrain and mixed forests. The average length of the route is approximately 12 kilometers, and 2 operational groups pass them on snowmobiles.

January 24 - IV Festival "Pervozdannaya Rossiya"

Polistovsky Reserve took part in the nature festival "Pervozdannaya Rossiya".

"A good taste prompted a good society that touching nature is the very last word of science, reason and common sense."

On January 20 in Moscow, in the Central House of Artists, the 4th photo exhibition "Pervozdannaya Rossiya" was opened. Exhibition is a large-scale event dedicated to the Year of ecology and the 100th anniversary of the Russian reserve system.

At the exhibition one can see unique collections of photos that leave vivid impression in the soul of everyone who is not indifferent to the beauty of remote and picturesque places of our country. The program of the festival includes educative scientific lectures, master classes, meetings with travelers and photographers, presentations of protected nature objects and films about wild places of our country.

January 19 - Opening of the winter snowmobile route

Ecological route on snowmobiles.

The winter affirmed in Polistovsky Reserve. Past snowfalls adorned everything around with fluffy white caps and finally gave us the opportunity to open our winter ecological route on snowmobiles!

Excursion passes through the protected area of the reserve and show the participants fantastic landscapes - forests wrapped in snow shawls, plains of snow-white fields and marshes, smooth icy surface of the frozen lake Tsevlo. The route duration can vary in agreement with the participants. Traveling on a snowmobile will allow participants to get acquainted with those places where it could be very difficult and sometimes impossible to get in a warm time. A pleasant end to the tour could be a tea party with fragrant herbal teas and village pies at a guesthouse in Tsevlo village.

January 10 - Photo exhibition "Polistovsky Bird"

On January 10 in the House of culture of the Lenin Komsomol in Velikiye Luky a photo exhibition "Polistovsky Bird" opened its doors.

The exposition presented the works of the famous Moscow photographer Andrian Kolotilin, who cooperated with the Polistovsky Reserve for a long time.

For two weeks of the photo exhibition, residents and guests of the city could meet closely feathered inhabitants of protected lands. Here one can see the black-throated diver, listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, the golden plover, a rare bird nesting in the most impenetrable parts of the reserve, a swan that built a cozy nest right on a swamp, and many other birds inhabiting Polistovie.

January 5 - New Year holidays for children

Activities on vacation for the children of Tsevlo village.

As we know, vacations are designed for recreation, but it could be different: for example, learning or participating in interesting activities, as did the guys from the camp "Rodnik".

December 18 - New Year's master class

On December 18, a creative master class "Alternative fir-tree" was held in the Bezhanitsy District Library.

Svetlana Nikitina, an employee of the Environmental Education Department of the Polistovsky Reserve, together with the craftsman Anna Alekseeva demonstrated to children and adults several options to create unusual Christmas trees from improvised materials such as napkins, threads and tinsel.

December 6 - Volunteer's Day in Bezhanitsy

On December 4, a festive event dedicated to the International Volunteer Day took place in Bezhanitsy.

The organizers of the festival were "Yunost" Youth Center and Polistovsky State Nature Reserve.

December 2 - Ecological classes in November

Lessons as a part of the campaign "Feed birds in winter".

During November in schools of the Pskov region, the environmental education department staff kept lessons on wintering birds. Lessons were held as a part of the "Tomtit Day" campaign.

During lessons, children listened with interest to amazing stories about birds that do not fly to warm regions, played themed quizzes and participated in making bullfinch origami. Employees of the reserve together with children discussed that winter is a difficult time for birds, and at this time of year they die more often not from cold but starve to death. As it turned out, children are actively involved in the life of the birds. They brought at classroom self-made bird feeders of improvised material, and then hung them out near their homes and on the school grounds.

November 28 - The Festival "Myths of the wetlands"

Last weekend the staff of Polistovsky Reserve visited the Festival "Myths of the wetlands", organized by the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. 

Participating in this event for the employees of the department of environmental education and tourism is a great opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues. It is important that the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is located on the territory of neighboring country and therefore it goes its own way of development, different from our Russian experience. But at the same time we have common history and Slavic culture, similarity of presented landscapes, that makes our cooperation particularly interesting. 

November 18 - Ecological action "Feed the birds in winter!"

Polistovsky Reserve invites everyone to join the All-Russian action "Feed the birds in the winter!" 

Winter is the most difficult time for the birds. Cold made insects to hide, seeds and berries are covered with the snow. Many of the birds migrate in autumn to other regions, where food is more plentiful, but some of them remain in their native places. 

November 15 - The competition "Appeal tourists to your place!"

On November 14, the Pskov Regional Universal Scientific Library hosted the final of the competition "Appeal tourists to your place!" 

This competition is held in the Pskov region for the first time, it is organized by the Regional State Committee for Culture. The purpose of the event is supporting of small areas of the Pskov region and the development of tourism activities in them. 

November 2 - The month of the animals of Red Data book finished

During all the October time in the schools and kindergartens of Pskov region the employees of Polistovo natural reserve environmental education department were holding seminars dedicated to The world day of animals’ protection.

This event goal was to give children the knowledge about the Red book and the reasons of animals and plants are being placed in this book. Also the children were taught how to carefully treat our nature.

7 September - Saving of hobby

Few days ago residents of the village Gogolevo found a Eurasian hobby, a small bird from family Falconidae. The hobby damaged wing and couldn’t fly. People asked the administration of Polistovsky Reserve to help the bird.

Reserve employees contacted the owner of the Ecopark "ZooGrad" Andrei B. Goloshchapov. He agreed to take the bird on the rehabilitation, but noted that the hobby will stay at the center for whole winter and probably for life, since without adequate rehabilitation program birds of prey quickly lose hunting skills.

1 September - The day of knowledge

September the 1st is not only the first day of autumn, but also it is the beginning of a new school year.

Today by the tradition a school assembly, devoted to the Day of Knowledge, was held in Bezhanitsy School. The head of Bezhanitsy district Sergej K. Mikheev and director of school Natalya L. Antonova congratulated pupils, their parents and teachers.

17 August - Meeting in Tsevlo

This week there was a meeting of employees of Polistovsky Reserve and residents of the village Tsevlo.

One of the reasons for the meeting was to acquaint residents with the new leadership of the reserve: Acting Director Igor E. Mikhailov and Deputy Director for environmental education and tourism Elena Perova.

August 16 - Day of the village Krasny Luch

Last weekend there was a celebration of The day of the village Krasny Luch, Bezhanitsy district. 

August 15 - The exhibition "Hello, School"

From 12 to 13 August the stadium "Mashinostroitel" hosted the exhibition "Hello, School" in the Pskov.
The event was organized in advance of the starting school year and suggests visitors the goods and services in the field of education and organization of leisure of students.

Polistovsky Reserve was also represented among the exhibitors. Employees of the department of environmental education and tourism told the visitors about the Reserve and the excursion opportunities for children and their parents. Also one could buy souvenirs with the reserve’s logo.

August 11 - Reconstruction of the trail "Plavnitskoe Bog"

Reconstruction of the trail "Plavnitskoe Bog"

The route "Plavnitskoe Bog" is a “flagship” for Polistovsky Reserve, it is very popular among visitors and introducing a variety of bogs, their unique features and inhabitants.

Previous boardwalk was made of wood, this is natural material and because of time and weather conditions it got out of order. New one is also wooden, but it was treated with a special agent that protects against environmental influences. Used antiseptic is safe for the environment. Also new boardwalk is wider and more comfortable for walking.

August 11 - Visit to Sebezhsky National Park

Visit to Sebezhsky National Park 

Employees of the Department of environmental education and ecological tourism of Polistovsky Reserve visited Sebezhsky National Park in order of sharing experience.

Despite the fact that the trip took only one day our employees have received a lot of interesting information and bright impressions. Irina Tsvetkova, Deputy Director of the department of environmental education of the National Park "Sebezhsky", gave a tour into the heart of the old city Sebezh, to the beauty sights and on the shore of Lake Sebezhskoye, from where one can see the historic city center.

August 5 - Ships of all flags will come to us...

Ships of all flags will come to us... 

On August 3rd the first international meeting dedicated to eco-camp “Holidays in Polistovie” was run!
The volunteers from Belorussia, Ireland, Volgograd region and Moscow region came to visit children in Tsevlo. Together they will learn English, play sport and touristic games, practice photo-shooting.

For international team the introduction of Polistovskiy area traditionally began with visiting of ecological trail “Plavnitskoyeboloto”. They were truly amazed by beauty of Natural Reserve. Some of them saw for the first time how bluberry and cranberry grow. Everyone was amazed by stunning view of swamp and got unforgettable memories of this trip among the silent kingdom of sphagnum mossand swamp pines.

August 2 - Photo exhibition “Polistovsky birds” in Sebezh town

Photo exhibition “Polistovsky birds” in Sebezh town

Photo exhibition was launched in Sebezh local cultural center (the address is 21A building, 7 Noyabrya street. The exhibition is dedicated to the birds of Polistovskiy National Reserve. More than 20 works of famous photographer, AndrianKolotilin, are available for visitors until mid-August.

There are more than 200 types of birds living on the Polistovskiy National Nature Reserve territory. Thebirdsnesthere, hatching and feeding themselves on the local rivers banks. You can see a lot of them during excursions in Natural Reserve. There are some very rare species that are in the Red book of Russia: predator osprey, black stork, white-tailed eagle, curlew and many others.

July 25 – The Day of Pskov city

ThegloriousPskovcityturned 1113 on July 23!

Polistovsky National Nature Reserve employees organized special area where every visitor could try Tsevelskie pies made by grannies as well as herbal tea from Polistovo. Besides, theecologicalgamesforchildrenandadultswereorganized. ThevisitorscouldbuysomesouvenirsaswellaslearnaboutthelargestinEuropePolistovo-Lovatskaya wetland system and its functions. Also visitors were introduced the information regarding excursions to the Polistovskiy National Reserve.

July 21 – Summer school – expedition

Summer school – expedition NaturaЛИСТ launched in Polistovskiy Reserve.

All June the hard work was on going on Polistovskiy Natural Reserve scientificbase. Scientific-educational project NaturaЛИСТlaunchedSummerschool – expeditionforabout 100 Moscowprimary school students. Fourshiftsoflittle «scientists» completed serious individual and group projects.

29 July - The second group of volunteers arrived.

On 18th of July, the second group of volunteers came into Polistovsky Reserve.

This group, as previous, consisted only of women that set thinking why young men are not eager to become the volunteers... So, let’s call our heroines. There are master's graduate of the Russian State Agrarian University Maria Prokhorova and Lubov’ Sharapova and 3rd year student of biological faculty of Moscow State University Varvara Dikaya and Anastasia Medvedeva.

Last year the weather did not allow to complete botanical description and enumeration of undergrowth on pyrogenic areas laid down on burns of 2002. Therefore, it was necessary to finish the job this year. Maria Prokhorova tells about volunteers’ help to the scientific department of the reserve and her impression of this work: "We arrived in Polistovsky reserve, edge of lakes and bogs, for geobotanical descriptions on pyrogenic areas. We admire the beauty of this region, the goodwill of local residents and Reserve employees. We went by the motor boats from the village Tsevlo to the village Ruchi.

May 25 - Polistovsky Reserve is 22!

Polistovsky Reserve is 22, hurray!

Today, on the 25th of May Polistovsky Reserve celebrates its 22nd birthday!

Recall that Polistovsky Reserve was created according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №527 of 25 May 1994 in order to preserve and study the unique natural complexes of Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system, rare and endangered species of animals and plants.

PS: congratulations are welcome ;)

May 23 - Bird accounting: bog biodiversity

Bird accounting: bog biodiversity

Last week accountings of bog birds were held in Polistovsky Reserve - it's an annual monitoring, which began in 2012. This year ornithologist Oksana Shemyakina carried out accountings with a help of students from Pskov State University passing training practice in the Reserve. During the monitoring they not only got acquainted with the work of the scientific department of the Reserve, but also were lucky to meet some interesting findings.

May 20 - Visit of the colleagues from Sweden

From the 16th to the 19th of May colleagues from Sweden visited Polistovsky Reserve to exchange experiences in the framework of Russian-Swedish cooperation in the field of environmental conservation

This week Polistovsky Reserve was visited by the representatives of two national parks of Southern Sweden: "Store Mosse" and "Asnen", as well as representatives of County Administrative Board of Jönköping working with protected areas, and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Earlier, in the autumn of 2015, Polistovsky Reserve employees also visited Sweden in the framework of experience exchange program and received a lot of useful information on the design of naturums, organization of work with volunteers and about a program of research and monitoring on protected areas.

May 20 - All-Russian children's enviromnental festival

The second All-Russian environmental festival in will be held in Moscow on the World Environment Day, on the 5th of June, 2016 

The event will take place in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after M. Gorky (Krymsky Val st., 9).

Previously, the corresponding order on the organization of the All-Russian children's environmental festival signed by the head of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy.

All-Russian Environmental Children's Festival is a family holiday, promotes the values and principles of "green" culture in Russia. The event, which began with the regional environmental projects, campaigns and contests in April, will be finished in Moscow and will be the main event in the field of environmental education of children and youth. The final event of the festival is timed to the Ecologist's Day and Children's Day.

About "Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club"


Polistovsky Reserve gathers Friends!

Friendship helps us to do real wonders.
Film "Cinderella" , 1947

How to spend the summer holidays not only fun and interesting, but also to gain useful knowledge and vivid experience, ang make new friends?

In 2015 Polistovsky Reserve launched a project "Friends Club", and we invite schoolchildren at the age of 12-16 years to take part in our events, which will take place from June to December 2015 and further.

May 18 - Students practice in Polistovsky

Students practice in Polistovsky Reserve

On Monday students-biologists from the Pskov State University came to Polistovsky Reserve for practical training. Students practical trainings are held in Polistovsky Reserve annually, each time we  draw up a special program, covering as many areas of PA activities as possible.

This year, 14 students of the 3rd year will spend a week in the Reserve under the leadership of Vladimir V. Borisov, PhD, associate professor of zoology and animal ecology department, and Sergey G. Mihalap - an employee of the department of botany and plant ecologym, and will get acquainted with its work in details.

Before going directly to the territory of the Reserve, the students got acquainted with the work of the scientific department and the department of environmental education and interprepapion and tourism listening to the presentations of Polistovsky Reserve staff and also received safety instructions.

May 16 - Seminar on the cooperation with the local community

Seminar "Forming partnerships with the local community"

From the 12th to the 14th of May a seminar "Forming partnerships with the local community" for PAs managers was held in Polistovsky Reserve.

May 15 - "March of Parks - 2016": planting shrubs

Planting shrubs in Bezhanitsy within the "March of Parks - 2016"

Today, on the 15th of May, Bezhanitsky schoolchildren and kindergarten pupils planted 30 shrubs in the garden square of Pskov paratroopers. Planting shrubs took place in the framework of the action "March for Parks - 2016", held annually by Polistovsky Reserve.

May 13 - "We clean the world" action

Action "We clean the world"

Today students of the 7th form of Bezhanitsy school took part in the traditional ecological action of Polistovsky Reserve "We clean the world", which is a part of the "March for parks - 2016".

Children collected garbage on several streets around their school. Unfortunately, there were lots of garbage, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper and glass. All these waste will decompose on the places where it was thrown for tens and hundreds years.

May 11 - Biotechnical measures in Polistovsky

Biotechnical measures or what else do Polistovsky Reserve inspectors do?

What do you think state inspectors of Polistovsky Reserve do? Of course, protection of the territory comes to mind first. However, apart from this they perform many important functions, one of which is helping the scientific department of the Reserve to conduct biotechnical measures.

What is the biotechnical measure? Its an action aimed at improving the living conditions of wild animals, their protection and increase of their populations. These measures are held in hunting grounds, and on protected areas. In Polistovsky Reserve several biotechnical measures are held regularly: equipping of "saline feeders" for moose, installation of bird houses and pebbles for birds. All these activities are carried out by the Reserve's inspectors.

May 5 - Free Polistovsky excursions for schoolchildren

Polistovsky Reserve will hold 5 free excursions for schoolchildren from Pskov region this summer

This year Polistovsky Reserve receives many questions about the organization of excursions to the ecological trails for school groups. In connection with this interest Polistovsky Reserve decided to hold an action for the children who want to get acquainted with unique nature of the protected bogs.

Every year in the summer Polistovsky Reserve holds free excursions to the eco-trail "Plavnitskoe bog" for students of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts. In 2016, the geography of this action will expand, and free excursions will be conducted from July to September for 5 organized groups of schoolchildren from all the Pskov region, but students from schools of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts, where Polistovsky Reserve is located, will still have a priority right to visit "Plavnitskoe bog" eco-trail for free.

April 28 - Community work days in Tsevlo

Community work days in Tsevlo village

From the 21st to the 23rd of April, 2016 the residents of Tsevlo village organized community work days to clean up the village with the support of Polistovsky Reserve and the Administration of the municipal formation "Polistovsky".

Activities included the improvement of the park "Lipki" – participants of the community work days set benches, removed debris and tree branches, trimmed bushes of acacia and planted pines, and painted a playground.

April 28 - Bird accounting in Polistovsky

Bird accounting in Polistovsky Reserve

Spring bird accounting was held in Polistovsky Reserve. The end of April was selected to carry them out because it is the best time to take into account the species that start breeding early in the spring: woodpeckers, tits, thrushes, nuthatches, and treecreepers.

Such observations are carried out in the Reserve annually. Regularity is important to monitor the stability of the ecosystem; in this case, stability is determined by ornithofauna.

During the April accounting ornithologist of Polistovsky Reserve Oksana Shemyakina visited southern - south-eastern part of the protected area. Two accounting routes with total length of 7.2 km are located in spruce-deciduous forests and parvifoliate forests of the Reserve’s buffer zone. Each route was visited three times to estimate the number of the birds more accurately.

April 27 - Polistovsky archaeology

Polistovsky archaeology

On the 26th-27th of April research staff of "Archaeological Center of the Pskov region" visited areas near Polistovsky Reserve.

They came in order to conduct an inspection of archaeological monuments of Polistoviye that were last time visited by researchers and were documented in 1980s.

It should be noted that we know much less archeological sites in this area than in neighboring regions, and they are poorly studied, so for the experts it was twice interesting to visit them to check their current state.

April 26 - "Journey to Polistoviye" contest

Results of the contest "Journey to Polistoviye"

Children's literary and art contest "Journey to Polistoviye", held by Polistovsky Reserve within the action "March of parks-2016" is finished. Participants of the contest had to create an illustrated story or a poem, dedicated to one of the animals or plants living in Polistovsky Reserve.

The contest started on the 10th of February and children sent their works to Polistovsky till the 20th of April. As a result, 67 works from the participants from Pskov region and beyond took part in the contest.

Now we pass to results of the contest. In the category "Poem" the winners are:

I place - Maxim Zheleznov, Velikiy Novgorod

II place - Anna Vasilyeva, Bezhanitsy

III place - Hramcova Maryana, Porechye

April 21 - Russian PAs are preparing for fire season

Russian protected areas are actively preparing for upcoming fire season

Preventive measures to minimize the risk of forest fires are carried out in all protected areas of Russia - National Parks, National Nature Reserves and Sanctuaries.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy gave a corresponding instruction to administrations of protected areas.

Due to the dry weather, the threat of forest fires increases in a number of regions. In order to prevent fires, as well as to organize monitoring of fire hazard and extinguishing forest fires, theoretical trainings were conducted for Reserves' staff and inspectors. The training program included lectures on extinguishing forest fires.

April 20 - Moose counting in Polistovsky

Moose counting was held in Polistovsky Reserve

How many mooses live in Polistovsky Reserve? Researchers of FGBI "Tsentrohotcontrol" Alexei Likhachev and Dmitry Solovyov were looking for the answer to this question together with the inspectors of the Reserve last week.

It is not easy to count the number of animals in the wild, especially considering the fact that moose trying to keep out of people's sight. However it is possible to calculate animals that inhabit a defined territory. There is a wide variety of methods how to do that, one of which was used in Polistovsky Reserve. The method is pretty curious. The number of moose is determined by the number of their excrement left over the winter, counting them it is possible to draw conclusions about the number of animals.

April 19 - Let's stop spring fires!

Let's stop spring fires!

Colorful fire prevention leaflets come in sight at public places of Bezhanitsy settlement on sunday, the 17th of April. 

April 18 - Time to rest in Russia: Polistovsky Reserve

Time to rest in Russia. Pskov region. Polistovsky Reserve

Polistovsky Reserve, together with other representatives of the tourism industry of the region, took part in the exhibition "Time to rest in Russia. Pskov region". Today, in the wake of an active import substitution, such events are becoming more relevant and attract more and more exhibitors and visitors.

On the 15th-16th of April expocentre "Mashinostroitel" brought together representatives of travel agencies, hotel industry, catering, museums, and other organizations engaged in internal tourism. The first day of the exhibition coincided with the Day of environmental knowledge, and Polistovsky Reserve staff made a presentation dedicated to ecotourism offers of the protected area.

April 13 - Migratory bird lessons for schoolchildren

Polistovsky Reserve continues to tell children about migratory birds

This week, information lessons on migratory birds were held in several schools. On Monday, the students of the 8th and 9th forms of Ashevskaya school and first graders from Bezhanitsy school acquainted with birds, and today information lessons were held at Maryinskaya and Bashovskaya schools for students of 5th-9th forms.

At these lessons Polistovsky Reserve employee tells children about migratory birds of central Russia, about how we can help them after spring return from the south (eg, installing birdhouses), as well as shows a presentation with the voices of several species of migratory birds.

April 11 - Research of productivity of sphagnum moss

Research of sphagnum moss productivity in Polistovsky Reserve

One of the directions of scientific research in Polistovsky Reserve is determination of productivity of sphagnum mosses - the main inhabitants of the bogs.

Productivity of a plant community (phytocenosis) is estimated as the amount of organic mass produced by phytocenosis per unit of area per unit of time. 90% of the territory of Polistovsky Reserve is covered by bogs, mostly raised bogs. The main source of plant organic mass on open or almost treeless bog is sphagnum moss. On transitional bogs this moss also has high productivity, a little less than productivity of oppressed bog trees.

April 8 - Dried grass burnings - is it worth risking?

Uncontrolled dried grass burnings - is it worth risking?

The snow just melted and mass dried grass burnings have already begun in Pskov region, near Polistovsky Reserve. Grass is burning everywhere: on the agricultural fields and along the roads, often very close to settlements, where you can periodically smell acrid smoke.

Why do people burn dried grass? Someone thinks that this procedure will enhance soil fertility, while others believe that in this way they prevent the occurrence of forest fires, and someone just set fire to the grass for the sake of entertainment.

April 7 - Polistovsky lessons about migratory birds

Polistovsky Reserve conducts lessons about migratory birds

Since the 1st of April (International Bird Day in Russia) Polistovsky Reserve holds information lessons about migratory birds for schoolchildren and kindergartners of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts.

April 6 - Polistovsky at "Training courses for tour guides"

Polistovsky Reserve at "Training courses for tour guides" of RIAT

Polistovsky Reserve was presented at the "Training courses for tour guides" of Pskov branch of the Russian International Academy for Tourism.

Within a week of ecology on "Training courses for tour guides" Polistovsky Reserve took part in the training. On the 5th of April at evening classes Nadezhda Zakharova, employee of ecological education and tourism department of Polistovsky Reserve, made a presentation with a detailed story about the activities of our organization and protected raised bog, as well as about working with the visitors, tourist offers of the Reserve and its partners.

April 6 - Experience exchange: press service

Experience exchange with colleagues from press services of Khakassky and Sayano-Shushensky National Nature Reserves

A trip on the experience exchange between the press service of Polistovsky Reserve and colleagues from Khakassky and Sayano-Shushensky National Nature Reserves was held last week.

Building collaborative relationship with mass-media and effective interaction of the press-service with all departments within the protected area, maintaining the site, pages on social networks and creation of attractive media materials, as well as possible solutions to current working issues were discussed during the meetings in the city of Abakan and Shushenskoe township.

April 6 - Meeting at Ecological & biological center

Meeting with pupils of Ecological and Biological Center of Pskov

On the 1st of April, at the International Bird Day, Polistovsky Reserve employees participated in a meeting with pupils of Ecological and Biological Center of Pskov.

April 5 – Opinion poll in Loknyansky district

Students of Pskov State University conducted an opinion poll in the villages adjacent to Polistovsky Reserve

In a framework of a joint project of the Public relations department of Pskov State University and Polistovsky Reserve an opinion poll was held in late March in Gogolevo, Sosnovo and Usadba villages. This survey was aimed at collecting sociological information about the peculiarities of life in this area, local community attitude and interaction with Polistovsky Reserve.

The purpose of research is detection of points of contact and conflict between the villagers and the Reserve. The main objectives of the project are: building positive social communication, establishing links between the reserve and local communities in order to develop eco-tourism, as well as the modeling of the preliminary plan of environmental education and interpretation program.

April 1 - International Bird Day in Russia

Bird Day in Russia

International Bird Day is celebrated in Russia every year on the 1st of April. This holiday was firstly originated in Pennsylvania (United States) and then spread across the country and abroad. In our country, the International Bird Day started to be celebrated in 1999 on the initiative of the Russian Bird Conservation Union. The purpose of the Day is to draw public attention to the problems of preservation of endangered species of birds, and to provide suitable habitat conditions for all birds living next to us.

March 30 - Excellent spring holidays in “Rodnik”

Excellent spring holidays in “Rodnik”

During the spring holidays from 19th to 25th of March daily children'senvironmental camp "Rodnik" was held at Tsevelo country club. At this time, not only employees of Polistovsky Reserve, but also Bezhanitsky Filosofovy Museum employee, as well as puppet makerfrom Krasny Luch villagehelped in organization of the camp.

The first day was dedicated to the studying actual history of the PAs system of Russia, that will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. And also during the day children learned how important bog ecosystem: not only for animals and birds living there, but also for our common home - Earth.

March 24 - Do not hurry to pick primroses!

Do not hurry to pick primroses!

From the 10th of March eco-action "Do not hurry to pick primroses" is held in Polistovsky Reserve.

The purpose of the action is to form environmental stand of school children and preschoolers aimed at the preservation, protection and restoration of endangered early-flowering plants. A large number of species of primroses is listed in Red Data Book. The reason for reducing the number of these plants lies in the fact that they are picked in large quantities for bouquets because of their amazing beauty.

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