Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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A few words about the Reserve

What are National National Reserves and for what purpose are they exist? What is Polistovsky National Nature Reserve?

Polistovsky National Nature Reserve is a national protected nature area. As such, our organization is a federal state institution.

Natural Protected Areas (NPA) are areas of ground, water surfaces and the air immediatey above, where nature complexes and objects are situated. They have special conservational, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and therapeutic value. They were appropriated from economic use entirely or partly by governmental authorities and have special protection systems.

Depending on departmental affiliation and value, NPAs are divided into federal, regional, municipal and local areas. Depending on the protection system, they may be classified as reserves, national parks, natural monuments or other designations.

A Federal NPA is included in the Russian Federation Natural Protected Areas system, which is controlled by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

The main goal of establishing Natural Protected Areas is to preserve and protect biological diversity in undisturbed ecosystems.

NPA responsibilities include

  • natural complex preservation;
  • historical-cultural preservation;
  • restoring disrupted natural and historical-cultural complexes and objects
  • scientific research organization;
  • ecological monitoring implementation;
  • developing environmental education and public support through ecotourism development; and
  • assistance in training natural environment protection specialists

Currently there are more then 100 national reserves, about 50 national parks, more then 70 federal wildlife refuges, about 30 federal natural monuments, and more then 11,500 regional and local NPAs in the Russian Federation. In total they occupy more then 200 millions hectares about 12% of the entire country.

You can visit the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation website to find more information about Russian Federation NPAs. Russian Federation NPA development before 2020 described in the Strategy, that confirmed by Russian Federation Government  instruction ‚ № 2322-p from december 2011.

National Law ‚ №33-FL from 03.14.1995 called "About Natural Protected Areas" is the main regulatory act, which govern activities of all NPAs.

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