Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Polistovsky news

October is over, the autumn is coming to its end, which means the "hottest" time for the state inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve finishes.

We have already repeatedly said that this year the cranberry crop in Polistovye is close to zero, but some people still tried to go to the protected area of the Polistovsky Reserve to personally verify this.


The Polistovsky Reserve is a land of pristine bogs and lakes, alternating with various bog islands, which creates an extremely variegated natural mosaic.

This combination of biotopes determines, on the one hand, an important role in the formation of the flora of bryophytes, and on the other hand, vascular plants. The variety of flora objects for many years has attracted the attention of leading specialists and research teams who carry out an inventory of the species composition of plants of the Polistovsky Reserve. The monitoring work has resulted in a new scientific product that summarizes the long-term studies of the flora of the reserve. We bring to your attention two new scientific publications of the Polistovsky Reserve: VASCULAR PLANTS OF THE POLISTOVSKY RESERVE and MOSSES OF POLISTOVSKY RESERVE.

Thematic collections

The annotated list of mosses of the Polistovsky Reserve includes ecological and cenotic characteristics, information on the location and occurrence of 138 species of mosses in the territory of the Polistovsky Reserve and 19 species of mosses recorded only in the protected zone.

The publication Vascular Plants of the Polistovsky Reserve contains an annotated list of vascular plants of the Polistovsky State Nature Reserve, which contains 479 species and hybrids growing on the territory of the reserve, and 132 species and hybrids recorded only in its protected zone.

Systematic work on the inventory of flora and fauna continues and next year new editions will be published, including an annotated list of species diversity of various taxonomic groups of living organisms of the Polistovsky Reserve.


On October 28 and 29, on the basis of the Polistovsky Reserve in the village of Gogolevo, a scientific conference "On the Green Wave" was held.

The meeting was timed to coincide with the Day of Wildlife Workers and brought together those who are not indifferent to nature and environmental problems of our time.


State inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve stopped violations of the reserve regime.

The beginning of October was not easy for the security personnel.


The golden autumn month of September is coming to an end.

It's time to find out how things are going with the state inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve, because the beginning of autumn is also the beginning of the collection of wild plants and their fruits by people, which means that the work of guards has increased.

  • November 5 - Protection of Polistovye. Results of October.
  • November 9 - Annotated lists of mosses and vascular plants of the Polistovsky Reserve
  • November 2 - On the green wave!
  • October 12 - Always on guard!
  • September 25 - What were the State Inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve busy with in September?