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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Polistovsky news

Last week, employees of the Polistovsky Reserve helped residents of the Bezhanitsky district restore a popular recreation place near a pond.

In mid-June, a hurricane struck near the village of Fishnevo, which damaged everything that stood in its way.


Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that the Polistovsky Reserve starts providing excursions!


According to Decree of the Governor No.116 dated June 26, 2020 excursions are allowed for groups of no more than 10 people with mandatory observance of following rules:


Despite the situation with coronavirus, State Inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve do not have to get bored!


Where else can you isolate yourself? Yes, only in the bog!


RosyankaFEST Wildlife Festival in 2020 will be!

We will hold it online!


Restrictions on visiting ecological routes and the visitor center, as well as accommodation in guest houses of the Polistovsky Reserve, were extended until June 19 according to Decree of the Governor of the Pskov Region dated May 29, 2020.

These measures are taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

  • July 6 - Popular recreation place restored!
  • July 3 - The tourist season has opened
  • June 9 - Interview with the State Inspector
  • June 30 - RosyankaFEST Wildlife Festival in 2020 will be!
  • June 2 - Extension of restrictions

21 мая - Повернуть реку вспять...

Хлавица – небольшая приболотная река.

Она вытекает из озера Островисто в Новгородской области и через 41 километр впадает в реку Ловать в Псковской области. Площадь водного бассейна реки 459 квадратных километров.