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Polistovsky news

From 21 to 23 November, on the basis of the Nizhne-Svirsky nature reserve, in the village of Kovkenitsy, a training seminar was held under the title "The use of UAVs in work in protected areas."

What is a UAV? If you decipher these three letters, it turns out that the UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle.


Polistovsky Reserve received two awards from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation!

At the All-Russian Congress of Directors of Protected Areas, which is now taking place in the town of Zheleznovodsk,
Stavropol Territory, the results of the competition "The Golden Path of Russia" were summed up.
Among the many protected areas, our Polistovye was singled out, which pleases!


Representatives of the Pskov Region Tourism Committee, the Pskov Region Transport and Roads Committee, the Head of the
Bezhanitsky District, the Deputy Head of the Loknyansky District, the director and employees of the Polistovsky Reserve,
as well as representatives of the Pskovavtodor State Budgetary Institution of the Pskov Region came to inspect the roads.

Back in early autumn 2020, the Polistovsky Reserve, together with the Tourism Committee of the Pskov Region and
the Committee for Natural Resources of the Pskov Region, prepared a request to the Administration of the Pskov Region
describing the condition of roads in the Podberezenskaya volost and the Polistovsky rural settlement.
During the visit, the expert commission studied the problem sections of the roads, and decisions were made on further
actions to bring the roads to a satisfactory condition.


In the middle of autumn, the staff of the Reserve, during raids and conducting environmental excursions, noticed that the water in the rivers of Polistovye was rapidly decreasing.

We asked the director of the Polistovsky Reserve, Nikolai Korablev, to comment on the phenomenon:


This is not the first year that the Polistovsky Reserve has been providing such an opportunity to specialists in the tourism industry.

To do this, information tours are held here, during which representatives of travel agencies and tour operators can get acquainted with the ecological routes of the reserve and additional excursions of local inhabitants, local cuisine and living conditions.

  • November 26 - "The use of UAVs in work in protected areas"
  • November 18 - The results of the "Golden Path of Russia" competition have been announced
  • November 11 - in the Polistovsky Reserve, an offsite meeting was held on the repair of roads leading to the ecological routes of the protected area
  • October 19 - The Polistovye rivers have become shallow
  • October 7 - Tour operators of the Pskov region got acquainted with the Polistovsky Reserve!