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Polistovsky news

  • 29 July - The second group of volunteers arrived.
  • May 25 - Polistovsky Reserve is 22!
  • May 23 - Bird accounting: bog biodiversity
  • May 20 - Visit of the colleagues from Sweden
  • May 20 - All-Russian children's enviromnental festival
  • May 18 - Students practice in Polistovsky
  • May 16 - Seminar on the cooperation with the local community
  • May 15 - "March of Parks - 2016": planting shrubs
  • May 13 - "We clean the world" action
  • May 11 - Biotechnical measures in Polistovsky
  • May 5 - Free Polistovsky excursions for schoolchildren
  • April 28 - Community work days in Tsevlo
  • April 28 - Bird accounting in Polistovsky
  • April 27 - Polistovsky archaeology
  • April 26 - "Journey to Polistoviye" contest
  • April 21 - Russian PAs are preparing for fire season
  • April 20 - Moose counting in Polistovsky
  • April 19 - Let's stop spring fires!
  • April 18 - Time to rest in Russia: Polistovsky Reserve

On 18th of July, the second group of volunteers came into Polistovsky Reserve.

This group, as previous, consisted only of women that set thinking why young men are not eager to become the volunteers... So, let’s call our heroines. There are master's graduate of the Russian State Agrarian University Maria Prokhorova and Lubov’ Sharapova and 3rd year student of biological faculty of Moscow State University Varvara Dikaya and Anastasia Medvedeva.

Last year the weather did not allow to complete botanical description and enumeration of undergrowth on pyrogenic areas laid down on burns of 2002. Therefore, it was necessary to finish the job this year. Maria Prokhorova tells about volunteers’ help to the scientific department of the reserve and her impression of this work: "We arrived in Polistovsky reserve, edge of lakes and bogs, for geobotanical descriptions on pyrogenic areas. We admire the beauty of this region, the goodwill of local residents and Reserve employees. We went by the motor boats from the village Tsevlo to the village Ruchi. It was very long way: from the lake Tsevlo by the river Tsevla to the lake Polisto. Polisto strikes us by its vastness, it is a whole sea! The work was challenging, but very interesting. For 3 days we have described two patches and even checked houses for dormice in the abandoned village. During our work we have learned a lot of interesting and informative things from our head, staff scientist Tatiana Novikova. She told me not only a lot of new methods of work, about the flora and fauna of the reserve and the history of the region, but also about plants and wetlands in general. We had luck to see some inhabitants of the forest: the moose and birds: buzzards, an owl, a wood grouse hen and a hazel grouse. Evenings were held in a warm atmosphere of interesting conversations. Our work was a pleasure and I hope we will be able to take part in such a complex and necessary work in the Reserve once again!

And it is worth noting the remarkable assistance of the Department of the Territory Protection in the face of inspectors Dmitry Eremin and Nicholai Kopysov. Dmitry accompanies us in these expeditions not for the first time and he became a professional in the field of botany. And Nikolai Vladimirovich we all thank for the delicious dinners and overheated bath-house.”


Polistovsky Reserve is 22, hurray!

Today, on the 25th of May Polistovsky Reserve celebrates its 22nd birthday!

Recall that Polistovsky Reserve was created according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №527 of 25 May 1994 in order to preserve and study the unique natural complexes of Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system, rare and endangered species of animals and plants.

PS: congratulations are welcome ;)


Bird accounting: bog biodiversity

Last week accountings of bog birds were held in Polistovsky Reserve - it's an annual monitoring, which began in 2012. This year ornithologist Oksana Shemyakina carried out accountings with a help of students from Pskov State University passing training practice in the Reserve. During the monitoring they not only got acquainted with the work of the scientific department of the Reserve, but also were lucky to meet some interesting findings.


From the 16th to the 19th of May colleagues from Sweden visited Polistovsky Reserve to exchange experiences in the framework of Russian-Swedish cooperation in the field of environmental conservation

This week Polistovsky Reserve was visited by the representatives of two national parks of Southern Sweden: "Store Mosse" and "Asnen", as well as representatives of County Administrative Board of Jönköping working with protected areas, and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Earlier, in the autumn of 2015, Polistovsky Reserve employees also visited Sweden in the framework of experience exchange program and received a lot of useful information on the design of naturums, organization of work with volunteers and about a program of research and monitoring on protected areas.


The second All-Russian environmental festival in will be held in Moscow on the World Environment Day, on the 5th of June, 2016 

The event will take place in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after M. Gorky (Krymsky Val st., 9).

Previously, the corresponding order on the organization of the All-Russian children's environmental festival signed by the head of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy.

All-Russian Environmental Children's Festival is a family holiday, promotes the values and principles of "green" culture in Russia. The event, which began with the regional environmental projects, campaigns and contests in April, will be finished in Moscow and will be the main event in the field of environmental education of children and youth. The final event of the festival is timed to the Ecologist's Day and Children's Day.


Students practice in Polistovsky Reserve

On Monday students-biologists from the Pskov State University came to Polistovsky Reserve for practical training. Students practical trainings are held in Polistovsky Reserve annually, each time we  draw up a special program, covering as many areas of PA activities as possible.

This year, 14 students of the 3rd year will spend a week in the Reserve under the leadership of Vladimir V. Borisov, PhD, associate professor of zoology and animal ecology department, and Sergey G. Mihalap - an employee of the department of botany and plant ecologym, and will get acquainted with its work in details.

Before going directly to the territory of the Reserve, the students got acquainted with the work of the scientific department and the department of environmental education and interprepapion and tourism listening to the presentations of Polistovsky Reserve staff and also received safety instructions.


Seminar "Forming partnerships with the local community"

From the 12th to the 14th of May a seminar "Forming partnerships with the local community" for PAs managers was held in Polistovsky Reserve.


Planting shrubs in Bezhanitsy within the "March of Parks - 2016"

Today, on the 15th of May, Bezhanitsky schoolchildren and kindergarten pupils planted 30 shrubs in the garden square of Pskov paratroopers. Planting shrubs took place in the framework of the action "March for Parks - 2016", held annually by Polistovsky Reserve.


Action "We clean the world"

Today students of the 7th form of Bezhanitsy school took part in the traditional ecological action of Polistovsky Reserve "We clean the world", which is a part of the "March for parks - 2016".

Children collected garbage on several streets around their school. Unfortunately, there were lots of garbage, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper and glass. All these waste will decompose on the places where it was thrown for tens and hundreds years.


Biotechnical measures or what else do Polistovsky Reserve inspectors do?

What do you think state inspectors of Polistovsky Reserve do? Of course, protection of the territory comes to mind first. However, apart from this they perform many important functions, one of which is helping the scientific department of the Reserve to conduct biotechnical measures.

What is the biotechnical measure? Its an action aimed at improving the living conditions of wild animals, their protection and increase of their populations. These measures are held in hunting grounds, and on protected areas. In Polistovsky Reserve several biotechnical measures are held regularly: equipping of "saline feeders" for moose, installation of bird houses and pebbles for birds. All these activities are carried out by the Reserve's inspectors.


Polistovsky Reserve will hold 5 free excursions for schoolchildren from Pskov region this summer

This year Polistovsky Reserve receives many questions about the organization of excursions to the ecological trails for school groups. In connection with this interest Polistovsky Reserve decided to hold an action for the children who want to get acquainted with unique nature of the protected bogs.

Every year in the summer Polistovsky Reserve holds free excursions to the eco-trail "Plavnitskoe bog" for students of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts. In 2016, the geography of this action will expand, and free excursions will be conducted from July to September for 5 organized groups of schoolchildren from all the Pskov region, but students from schools of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts, where Polistovsky Reserve is located, will still have a priority right to visit "Plavnitskoe bog" eco-trail for free.


Community work days in Tsevlo village

From the 21st to the 23rd of April, 2016 the residents of Tsevlo village organized community work days to clean up the village with the support of Polistovsky Reserve and the Administration of the municipal formation "Polistovsky".

Activities included the improvement of the park "Lipki" – participants of the community work days set benches, removed debris and tree branches, trimmed bushes of acacia and planted pines, and painted a playground.


Bird accounting in Polistovsky Reserve

Spring bird accounting was held in Polistovsky Reserve. The end of April was selected to carry them out because it is the best time to take into account the species that start breeding early in the spring: woodpeckers, tits, thrushes, nuthatches, and treecreepers.

Such observations are carried out in the Reserve annually. Regularity is important to monitor the stability of the ecosystem; in this case, stability is determined by ornithofauna.

During the April accounting ornithologist of Polistovsky Reserve Oksana Shemyakina visited southern - south-eastern part of the protected area. Two accounting routes with total length of 7.2 km are located in spruce-deciduous forests and parvifoliate forests of the Reserve’s buffer zone. Each route was visited three times to estimate the number of the birds more accurately.


Polistovsky archaeology

On the 26th-27th of April research staff of "Archaeological Center of the Pskov region" visited areas near Polistovsky Reserve.

They came in order to conduct an inspection of archaeological monuments of Polistoviye that were last time visited by researchers and were documented in 1980s.

It should be noted that we know much less archeological sites in this area than in neighboring regions, and they are poorly studied, so for the experts it was twice interesting to visit them to check their current state.


Results of the contest "Journey to Polistoviye"

Children's literary and art contest "Journey to Polistoviye", held by Polistovsky Reserve within the action "March of parks-2016" is finished. Participants of the contest had to create an illustrated story or a poem, dedicated to one of the animals or plants living in Polistovsky Reserve.

The contest started on the 10th of February and children sent their works to Polistovsky till the 20th of April. As a result, 67 works from the participants from Pskov region and beyond took part in the contest.

Now we pass to results of the contest. In the category "Poem" the winners are:

I place - Maxim Zheleznov, Velikiy Novgorod

II place - Anna Vasilyeva, Bezhanitsy

III place - Hramcova Maryana, Porechye


Russian protected areas are actively preparing for upcoming fire season

Preventive measures to minimize the risk of forest fires are carried out in all protected areas of Russia - National Parks, National Nature Reserves and Sanctuaries.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia Sergey Donskoy gave a corresponding instruction to administrations of protected areas.

Due to the dry weather, the threat of forest fires increases in a number of regions. In order to prevent fires, as well as to organize monitoring of fire hazard and extinguishing forest fires, theoretical trainings were conducted for Reserves' staff and inspectors. The training program included lectures on extinguishing forest fires.


Moose counting was held in Polistovsky Reserve

How many mooses live in Polistovsky Reserve? Researchers of FGBI "Tsentrohotcontrol" Alexei Likhachev and Dmitry Solovyov were looking for the answer to this question together with the inspectors of the Reserve last week.

It is not easy to count the number of animals in the wild, especially considering the fact that moose trying to keep out of people's sight. However it is possible to calculate animals that inhabit a defined territory. There is a wide variety of methods how to do that, one of which was used in Polistovsky Reserve. The method is pretty curious. The number of moose is determined by the number of their excrement left over the winter, counting them it is possible to draw conclusions about the number of animals.


Let's stop spring fires!

Colorful fire prevention leaflets come in sight at public places of Bezhanitsy settlement on sunday, the 17th of April. 


Time to rest in Russia. Pskov region. Polistovsky Reserve

Polistovsky Reserve, together with other representatives of the tourism industry of the region, took part in the exhibition "Time to rest in Russia. Pskov region". Today, in the wake of an active import substitution, such events are becoming more relevant and attract more and more exhibitors and visitors.

On the 15th-16th of April expocentre "Mashinostroitel" brought together representatives of travel agencies, hotel industry, catering, museums, and other organizations engaged in internal tourism. The first day of the exhibition coincided with the Day of environmental knowledge, and Polistovsky Reserve staff made a presentation dedicated to ecotourism offers of the protected area.