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Polistovsky news

  • November 28 - The Festival "Myths of the wetlands"
  • November 18 - Ecological action "Feed the birds in winter!"
  • November 15 - The competition "Appeal tourists to your place!"
  • 7 September - Saving of hobby
  • 1 September - The day of knowledge
  • 17 August - Meeting in Tsevlo
  • August 16 - Day of the village Krasny Luch
  • August 15 - The exhibition "Hello, School"
  • August 11 - Reconstruction of the trail "Plavnitskoe Bog"
  • August 11 - Visit to Sebezhsky National Park
  • August 5 - Ships of all flags will come to us...
  • August 2 - Photo exhibition “Polistovsky birds” in Sebezh town
  • July 25 – The Day of Pskov city
  • July 21 – Summer school – expedition
  • 29 July - The second group of volunteers arrived.
  • May 25 - Polistovsky Reserve is 22!
  • May 23 - Bird accounting: bog biodiversity
  • May 20 - Visit of the colleagues from Sweden

Last weekend the staff of Polistovsky Reserve visited the Festival "Myths of the wetlands", organized by the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. 

Participating in this event for the employees of the department of environmental education and tourism is a great opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues. It is important that the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is located on the territory of neighboring country and therefore it goes its own way of development, different from our Russian experience. But at the same time we have common history and Slavic culture, similarity of presented landscapes, that makes our cooperation particularly interesting. 


Polistovsky Reserve invites everyone to join the All-Russian action "Feed the birds in the winter!" 

Winter is the most difficult time for the birds. Cold made insects to hide, seeds and berries are covered with the snow. Many of the birds migrate in autumn to other regions, where food is more plentiful, but some of them remain in their native places. 


On November 14, the Pskov Regional Universal Scientific Library hosted the final of the competition "Appeal tourists to your place!" 

This competition is held in the Pskov region for the first time, it is organized by the Regional State Committee for Culture. The purpose of the event is supporting of small areas of the Pskov region and the development of tourism activities in them. 


Few days ago residents of the village Gogolevo found a Eurasian hobby, a small bird from family Falconidae. The hobby damaged wing and couldn’t fly. People asked the administration of Polistovsky Reserve to help the bird.

Reserve employees contacted the owner of the Ecopark "ZooGrad" Andrei B. Goloshchapov. He agreed to take the bird on the rehabilitation, but noted that the hobby will stay at the center for whole winter and probably for life, since without adequate rehabilitation program birds of prey quickly lose hunting skills.


September the 1st is not only the first day of autumn, but also it is the beginning of a new school year.

Today by the tradition a school assembly, devoted to the Day of Knowledge, was held in Bezhanitsy School. The head of Bezhanitsy district Sergej K. Mikheev and director of school Natalya L. Antonova congratulated pupils, their parents and teachers.


This week there was a meeting of employees of Polistovsky Reserve and residents of the village Tsevlo.

One of the reasons for the meeting was to acquaint residents with the new leadership of the reserve: Acting Director Igor E. Mikhailov and Deputy Director for environmental education and tourism Elena Perova.


Last weekend there was a celebration of The day of the village Krasny Luch, Bezhanitsy district. 


From 12 to 13 August the stadium "Mashinostroitel" hosted the exhibition "Hello, School" in the Pskov.
The event was organized in advance of the starting school year and suggests visitors the goods and services in the field of education and organization of leisure of students.

Polistovsky Reserve was also represented among the exhibitors. Employees of the department of environmental education and tourism told the visitors about the Reserve and the excursion opportunities for children and their parents. Also one could buy souvenirs with the reserve’s logo.


Reconstruction of the trail "Plavnitskoe Bog"

The route "Plavnitskoe Bog" is a “flagship” for Polistovsky Reserve, it is very popular among visitors and introducing a variety of bogs, their unique features and inhabitants.

Previous boardwalk was made of wood, this is natural material and because of time and weather conditions it got out of order. New one is also wooden, but it was treated with a special agent that protects against environmental influences. Used antiseptic is safe for the environment. Also new boardwalk is wider and more comfortable for walking.


Visit to Sebezhsky National Park 

Employees of the Department of environmental education and ecological tourism of Polistovsky Reserve visited Sebezhsky National Park in order of sharing experience.

Despite the fact that the trip took only one day our employees have received a lot of interesting information and bright impressions. Irina Tsvetkova, Deputy Director of the department of environmental education of the National Park "Sebezhsky", gave a tour into the heart of the old city Sebezh, to the beauty sights and on the shore of Lake Sebezhskoye, from where one can see the historic city center.


Ships of all flags will come to us... 

On August 3rd the first international meeting dedicated to eco-camp “Holidays in Polistovie” was run!
The volunteers from Belorussia, Ireland, Volgograd region and Moscow region came to visit children in Tsevlo. Together they will learn English, play sport and touristic games, practice photo-shooting.

For international team the introduction of Polistovskiy area traditionally began with visiting of ecological trail “Plavnitskoyeboloto”. They were truly amazed by beauty of Natural Reserve. Some of them saw for the first time how bluberry and cranberry grow. Everyone was amazed by stunning view of swamp and got unforgettable memories of this trip among the silent kingdom of sphagnum mossand swamp pines.


Photo exhibition “Polistovsky birds” in Sebezh town

Photo exhibition was launched in Sebezh local cultural center (the address is 21A building, 7 Noyabrya street. The exhibition is dedicated to the birds of Polistovskiy National Reserve. More than 20 works of famous photographer, AndrianKolotilin, are available for visitors until mid-August.

There are more than 200 types of birds living on the Polistovskiy National Nature Reserve territory. Thebirdsnesthere, hatching and feeding themselves on the local rivers banks. You can see a lot of them during excursions in Natural Reserve. There are some very rare species that are in the Red book of Russia: predator osprey, black stork, white-tailed eagle, curlew and many others.


ThegloriousPskovcityturned 1113 on July 23!

Polistovsky National Nature Reserve employees organized special area where every visitor could try Tsevelskie pies made by grannies as well as herbal tea from Polistovo. Besides, theecologicalgamesforchildrenandadultswereorganized. ThevisitorscouldbuysomesouvenirsaswellaslearnaboutthelargestinEuropePolistovo-Lovatskaya wetland system and its functions. Also visitors were introduced the information regarding excursions to the Polistovskiy National Reserve.


Summer school – expedition NaturaЛИСТ launched in Polistovskiy Reserve.

All June the hard work was on going on Polistovskiy Natural Reserve scientificbase. Scientific-educational project NaturaЛИСТlaunchedSummerschool – expeditionforabout 100 Moscowprimary school students. Fourshiftsoflittle «scientists» completed serious individual and group projects.


On 18th of July, the second group of volunteers came into Polistovsky Reserve.

This group, as previous, consisted only of women that set thinking why young men are not eager to become the volunteers... So, let’s call our heroines. There are master's graduate of the Russian State Agrarian University Maria Prokhorova and Lubov’ Sharapova and 3rd year student of biological faculty of Moscow State University Varvara Dikaya and Anastasia Medvedeva.

Last year the weather did not allow to complete botanical description and enumeration of undergrowth on pyrogenic areas laid down on burns of 2002. Therefore, it was necessary to finish the job this year. Maria Prokhorova tells about volunteers’ help to the scientific department of the reserve and her impression of this work: "We arrived in Polistovsky reserve, edge of lakes and bogs, for geobotanical descriptions on pyrogenic areas. We admire the beauty of this region, the goodwill of local residents and Reserve employees. We went by the motor boats from the village Tsevlo to the village Ruchi.


Polistovsky Reserve is 22, hurray!

Today, on the 25th of May Polistovsky Reserve celebrates its 22nd birthday!

Recall that Polistovsky Reserve was created according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №527 of 25 May 1994 in order to preserve and study the unique natural complexes of Polistovo-Lovatskaya raised bog system, rare and endangered species of animals and plants.

PS: congratulations are welcome ;)


Bird accounting: bog biodiversity

Last week accountings of bog birds were held in Polistovsky Reserve - it's an annual monitoring, which began in 2012. This year ornithologist Oksana Shemyakina carried out accountings with a help of students from Pskov State University passing training practice in the Reserve. During the monitoring they not only got acquainted with the work of the scientific department of the Reserve, but also were lucky to meet some interesting findings.


From the 16th to the 19th of May colleagues from Sweden visited Polistovsky Reserve to exchange experiences in the framework of Russian-Swedish cooperation in the field of environmental conservation

This week Polistovsky Reserve was visited by the representatives of two national parks of Southern Sweden: "Store Mosse" and "Asnen", as well as representatives of County Administrative Board of Jönköping working with protected areas, and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Earlier, in the autumn of 2015, Polistovsky Reserve employees also visited Sweden in the framework of experience exchange program and received a lot of useful information on the design of naturums, organization of work with volunteers and about a program of research and monitoring on protected areas.