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Polistovsky news

The meetings took place before the start of the cranberry season.

One of the topic of the meetings was to talk about the key points the cranberries collection in the buffer zone of the reserve.


From September 10 to December 1, the collection of cranberries is officially allowed in designated areas in the buffer zone of the Polistovsky Reserve.

In the Loknyansky district, berry picking is allowed in three areas: Boltukhino, Usad’ba and Yazvi. In the Bezhanitsky district there are no permitted places for collecting cranberries.


In August, a small group of volunteers from St. Petersburg and Moscow visited the Polistovsky Reserve.

The volunteers painted the outer walls of our small museum of village life in the Gogolevo village, and also made wonderful pictures of the museum itself - now we can use these photos in booklets, postcards and calendars, and also show pictures on social networks for our potential tourists)

The volunteers worked under the guidance of the curator of the museum - Evgenia Slizkova. She also gave the guests a tour of the village. And of course, the staff of the reserve gave the volunteers a tour to one of the ecological roughts of the Reserve "The beaver’s Path".
Thank you very much for your work and valuable photos. Come to us again!


Nikolay Korablev was appointed director of the Polistovsky Reserve. The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kobylkin on August 19.


The first online wildlife festival "RosyankaFest" was held on social networks of the Polistovsky Reserve from July 29 to August 2.

The festival held for the second year in a row, but this year, due to the current situation in the country and in the world, we were unable to hold the festival as a city event.

  • September 14 - The residents of the villages of Tsevlo and Gogolevo met with the administration of the Polistovsky Reserve on the 10 and 11 of September
  • September 10 - The cranberry season 2020 opening
  • September 7 - Volunteers in Polistovye. For what?
  • August 24 - Nikolay Korablev was appointed Director of the Polistovsky Reserve
  • August 14 - Results RosyankaFest

21 мая - Повернуть реку вспять...

Хлавица – небольшая приболотная река.

Она вытекает из озера Островисто в Новгородской области и через 41 километр впадает в реку Ловать в Псковской области. Площадь водного бассейна реки 459 квадратных километров.