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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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Polistovsky news

In the beginning of February for the first time during Winter 2020 the air temperature was below zero Celsius for several days. And finally it snowed on February 6. The employees of Polistovsky Reserve science department use this natural condition for providing snow tracking for accounting of animals.

Winter 2020 was unusually warm and snowless.


On January 31 in Bezhanitsy the 12th Children's Ecological Conference dedicated to World Wetlands Day was held.

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 2, this date is chosen to turn attention to the need to preserve such areas as rivers, streams, lakes and their shores, sea coasts, and of course bogs. Polistovsky and Rdeisky National nature reserves protect a part of the Polistovo-Lovatskaya bog system and therefore annually they provide events for this date.


World Environment Day with the Polistovsky Reserve

A meeting devoted to the Polistovsky Reserve was held at the Semevsky Central City Library.


The results of the contest “Polistovsky reserve, you have an anniversary!”
A series of jubilee events continued to sum up the results of the competition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Polistovsky Reserve.


We celebrate anniversary!

A holiday dedicated to the upcoming 25-th anniversary of the Polistovsky Reserve was held in the shopping center “Apelsin” in Velikie Luki.

  • February 11 - Snow tracking wildlife
  • February 4 - XII Wetlands Day conference in Polistovsky reserve
  • June 06 - World Environment Day with the Polistovsky Reserve
  • May 22 - The results of the contest “Polistovsky reserve, you have an anniversary!”
  • May 21 - We celebrate anniversary!